1970 V8 - Alive but limping for now...

It was one of those nights...with eyes glued on the phone browsing for a partner on a local dating site, TradeMe. I've put bids on potential partners many a times but never won one. And then I saw this:

I put a bid and went to bed. 3 days later, I am proud owner of a 1970 Rover P6. I was ecstatic...I went to see her the first time on during lunch hour and there she was.

She was rough around the edges for sure. But there wasn't any major rust on her, in fact probably no rust at all.

The British-modified V8 has not been started since 2007/2008. But her oil was still intact, dark but all there. ATF was nice red and smelled good.

A quick look inside was very promising given I don't have a deep pocket. Many things I could probably do myself. Regardless of dirt and moulds,
I dig the fact that I will be in that driver's seat and holding that wheel. It just can't describe that feeling of that.

And what makes it even sweeter is this...something I'll be looking at a lot. And boy what a view. I am so glad this is the Series I, the way
she was originally designed to greet you.

I took another look at her eyes and just paused for a long moment...

What I saw was throughout her 45 years of being on the road, she's been in the U.K, Singapore back to the U.K and then New Zealand. If she
could talk, what a story it would be if she can tell us all the things that she has seen on the road, in the garage, the carparks, at the beach,
parks, all those cities and towns, the ships and oceans she was transported on and all the people that she have come to know all those years.

And the people who sat in these very seats...

The sex in her back seats, the fights, people sleeping and drooling on her leather skin and all those talks and chit chats that she heard all those years.
She has lived longer than I have, it does not get any better and I respect that. So time to get her back on her feet and time to get her back where she belongs: the road!

I arranged a towie to help me out. The owner, Frank or rather the previous owner, was very helpful. Helped me to steer the car all the way till she's up on the flatbed. And in less than 15mins she's up and ready to be revived at a workshop in Glenfield, Auckland.

There's been some hiccups to get her up and it's another story for another day.

End of Part 1.


Nicely done, Sir.

Although originally sourced from Buick, Rover made the V8 a very British engine indeed. So please refer to it as such. :wink: :LOL:

Good luck & keep us posted.


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If it were mine,I would remove the bumpers and unbolt all the panels except for roof and 1/4 panels.
Fully inspect it for rust and repair it,and if the panels will not polish up great then treat it to a full repaint.



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The images are hosted by google (drive.google) so you may need a google account ie gmail to see them?
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The images are hosted by google (drive.google) so you may need a google account ie gmail to see them?
(I can see them and this laptop is signed in to google)
hi guys, sorry for the trouble with the images. In the google system, it's set to be able to be viewed by anyone without needing to sign in.
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