1970 estoura


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Glad you have taken it on.

Looks like a lot of work but more or less typical p6 rust. The welding looks good enough to make it solid again.



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Well done for taking this one on :D Looks like a lot of work but you seem to be having a good crack at it.

Keep it up and keep the pics coming.



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Cripes you are fast
When's the test drive ?
Looks great by the way ,
I'd let you loose on mine , it looks very professional .


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Words fail me, I would hate to see a really good sneezing fit or the flue :shock:
Its hard to believe that a patient with all all its panels on looked so good yet undressed was obviously suffering from extensive terminal cancer.



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Flippin ek' Brave man. Isn't there someone here who effectively took the estoura bits from a similarly rotten car and grafted them to a new shell a while back?

Is the quality of the original conversion work as bad as legend?

I really find these cars interesting if for no other reason than someone actually though of doing it to something as inherently inappropriate as a P6! More "shooting brake" than an estate.
yes the quality of the original work is crap to put it bluntly the just sawed throug the roof a d pillars any old how no cleaning up of the cuts and no protection(no primer/underseal)


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Do you think the rear window areas and tailgate are likely to be watertight? I'd be very curious if you had some pictures to see how the roof extension was done.

I'm definitely admiring the nice even heat marks on the edge of those patches. Welding is a skill which totally alludes me and it astonishes me anyone can knit such a rotten heap back together both at all and so quickly. Can't wait to her completed.

There can't be many P6s that are beyond salvation with skills like this.