1965 series 1

hi all , went to mitchelstown county cork to see a guys 1965 series 1 that hes just got the car was imported into ireland in 2005 and he has every receipt for everything , tax discs , mot etc since the car was new , he gave 1000 euro for it plus his triumph 2000 , the car is fitted with a 2.2sc engine .regards rich im going to try to post a pic now not sure if it will work


i am finding out thanks , why are my pics so big and can i reduce them , rich , i like the name talago , it was the name of the pre prod p6,s wasnt it , thanks rich
the reg was EUO 671C and i think it must be a pretty rare beast now and in a nice colour with webasto roof , i said to him to feck his mgb oput of the garage and get it inside , its been so welll looked after , theres no rust and the engine has been rebuilt , hes very happy with it . rich
I have a friend in the North here who has a 64 one in the same colour - Wedgewood Blue. Reg is DRC 741 B.

I have always liked that colour.

it really does suit the car and i really like the clean lines of the car with the wheeltrims , its a nice clean uncluttered car , compare to my 74 v8 its a bit like what happened to the mgb with the rubber bumpers etc , the original and best, dont call my chocolate bar a snickers its a marathon bar , i know some lads from the north of ireland are involved with the rover enthusiasts club of ireland covering all rovers,regards rich


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That is beautiful. I love a nice wedgie! Looks like the front valance has been replaced at some point though, it should have the sharks tooth type.


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marcus/rosie said:
Very nice I do love the open roof, I wish I had fitted one to rosie when I had the chance. They are nice the early 2000
I've just sold the white webasto from my TC.. and will be removing the black one from the 65 car in the new few months.

They're nice to look at, and I do like them, but I keep hitting my head on the visor from time to time.