1964 P6 2000


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I'm currently working my way through the 2000, believed from our records to be about the 12th oldest remaining 2000.

It has 17,000 miles from new, but has been kept outside for a long time. I'm going over the base unit to find the areas of rot, so that any potential buyer can make an informed decision.

So far, both sills, and a small area inside the boot need sorting, as well as a little bit at the edge of the heater box. Not bad for a car approaching 60.

Engine and gearbox have been removed, but are present. Front wings were scrapped, as completely toast. Rears aren't great, but are included. All other panels are present.

20180322_084605.jpg 20180322_084617.jpg 20180322_090817.jpg

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Phil Robson

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Nice to see another early car Chris.

The low mileage is evidenced by the interior which is lovely & looks like it will come up well.

The printing on the switch labels is pretty good too - OCC’s were all unreadable after 100k miles!

Phil Robson

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All I would say to anyone out there who’s thinking about an early (or probably any) 2000, is that they are great!

I remember driving a C-reg about 25 years ago which drove like the general perception of 4 pot cars; very steady & sluggish.

I was expecting OCC to be like that but it is a real joy to drive. It’s really nippy & the steering is nicer than both my manual steering V8S & the PAS on my other V8. Narrower tyres are probably the main reason.


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Based on the age, how early it is, how many older survivors exist (under a dozen); it was ordered on the stand at Earl's Court in 1963 during the launch, and delivered in early March 1964. 17,000 miles on the clock. Although it needs some restoration, it's perfectly viable, so I'd be looking for offers around the £2k mark.

It rolls and steers, so is easy to move, will come with four wings, all panels needed to complete the car (all original except for the front wings. Rears will be present, as will a spare pair), various spares, original engine/gearbox.

Open to any questions that anyone might have..


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I had a bit of an argument with my local Rover dealer back in the 1970's who was trying to sell a complete steering lock and key set to a customer when only the switch was faulty . The parts sales guy was saying the switch was not available separately until I pointed out it was listed on a separate page under electrical section in the parts book.