1963 p4 110

First time listing from newbe.
Bought my 110 last October first one owned.
Suddenly after about 20/25 minutes running normal driving conditions Ruby starts spluttering then stops.
Engine turns over ok and refires after about 10/15 minutes.
Found plugs all carboned up,could this be down to a mixture problem.
Cheers bigphil


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welcome to the forum... I dont know the full answer to your problem but weakening the mixture might help, also making sure theyre the right plugs?


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Hi there,
I had a similar sounding problem on a 420G a few years ago. It was caused by sediment from the tanks clogging fuel filter after 30 mins running ( car had been stored for 25 years and I had removed and cleaned both tanks) The car always started well from cold - I replaced both tanks and it cured problem.