1962 Consul 375


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Really like Fords of this era. My grandfather ran one as a taxi. Mind you, these almost overlap and how modern a P6 must have seemed!
Looks the business - keep up the good work.

PeterZRH said:
Really like Fords of this era. My grandfather ran one as a taxi. Mind you, these almost overlap and how modern a P6 must have seemed!
This is why I can go to just about any classic car show and say of somone's pride and joy, "It's a bit old fashioned" without being facetious or snide - a genuine face value remark. Mass market cars of the era of the P6 were old fashioned in comparison.


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True, but then the Ford Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac was a pretty bang up to date car when first launched in 1952. Certainly compared to Austin and Morris.

I don't think it's an insult at any level to say that something was very old-fashioned. Ford knew this, which is why it had so many new models in the early 1960s. Even they couldn't get away with side-valve engines and vacuum wipers in some models for much longer! A polite way of saying it is of course "period".

It's actually interesting. This is my second P6, my first was in 1989, so almost as much time has elapsed since then as between when the car was launched and when I first owned one. It feels VERY different now, much smaller and narrower. Back in the 80s it felt "used" but not antiquated as such.

And of course when the Consul/Granada arrived in 1972 and then ditched the V4 in 1974, they too made the P6 look kind of silly and old fashioned in that class of vehicle.


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I have a soft spot for mk 2's and owned a Zodiac in Ambassador over Pompadour blue in the early 80's.
It felt 'cool' and a bit different from Escorts & Viva's at the time.

so far been lowered 2 inches all round and all rust removed and welded up--did the seats same color as i saw on a 57 Thunderbird. Did you notice hand grenade on gear shift---also available for p6s :LOL: :LOL: It handles nicer than my rover too--probably to do with weight/power? Will update progress especially as stripped cracked paint on roof---20 layers :shock: :shock: Roof will be dark red metallic with white over lace---very late 50s/early 60s
I had a light blue, power top convertible in about '68 - quite a nice car but absolutely gutless, even by 60s standards. It just struggled to a 70 mph top speed.
I paid £99 for it at 7 years old and GAVE it away, still in good condition, when I lost my licence for some juvenile stupidity. Which just confirms that I was stupid!

My current 2000TC was 18 months old then!



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Great car!

My very first car I owned was a 1959 MKII export Zodiac, had to sell it but with great regret as the body panel rust was about to break out (again) so I decided to preempt the eminent expensive panel work by selling while it still looked like a million dollars..... a logical decision based on money not emotion, I really loved that car.
My only gripe with the MKII was the 3 speed box, not because of the 2nd and 3rd gear intrinsic lock up problem the selectors have but that it needed a 4th gear as the rev range did not suit lively driving in the stock state. Problem was lessened when I fitted a Laycock overdrive (factory option) to it to give me 5 effective gears.
A cousin of mine had a heavily hotted up MKII Zephyr years before which he used for Street Racing (illegal :LOL: ) back in the 60's which was good for about 151 MPH which he used to smoke USA v8's with. We were all a bit madder in those days :oops:

drabbers said:
Those door cards look really good.
What material have you used for the new backing boards ?

Backing board is 3mm hard board--same as used on rover --got an 8ftx4ft sheet cost more to deliver than board did-and had enough left over for lick boards and parcel shelves too
christopher storey said:
If the Consul handles better than your Rover, then you need to look very carefully at your Rover's steering/suspension because there is something very wrong with it !!
of course it does--the springs on consul are zephyr six which are heavy duty plus car is 2 1/2 inches lower now---my rover has v8 springs and a lump of detroit iron in its nose---buick 300 and has more power than a 3.9 so yes it handles like a puppy on a lead--but in a straight line --you need to tuck your trousers int your socks