1957 P4 in Sussex

image.jpeg Hi all!
Here's Fitz - Fitzcarraldo after the opera house they hauled across the Amazon! - just getting to know what's what at the moment really, working on anything close at hand, I've fix the clock, stitched an arm rest, freed a window regulator, both safety locks on the back doors now working (door cards had shrunk a bit) changed an few bulbs - radio unfortunately is just oscillator hum - car is now tucked away in a temporary garage/tent ready for more elaborate projects under the bonnet! Will post pics. Anyway looking forward to getting to know folks on the forum. Regards.


Lovely - looks almost identical to my 1958 90, except mine has a red interior.
Did you fix the clock yourself? Mine needs attention too but looks a bit daunting.

Sorry to ask, but if you post more photos please could you resize them to no more than 1200 pixels wide?