14cux injection loom, MAF


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Have a 94 inlet manifold off a 3.9 , fuel rail, all sensors check out OK, have an ECU. Need a loom and MAF off a Disco1 V8 please? Thin on the ground down here in Oz.
Hello JP938

I have a whole 3.9 set up sitting in the garage doing none too much.

I originally wanted to fit it to my 71 V8 but I ended up modifying that with the view of taking it racing.

Its sat on the shelf since then, in a perfect world, I'd just like what it owes me and you can take it all for spares or whatever you need for your project.

I'm based in Prahran, Melbourne, 3181.

Let me know if that suits you at all?




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Thanks Fraser, all sorted now! Have worked out most of the connections already. Only query now is the 2 fuses, and some of the non-std connectors.....