1 1/2 Early V8's on ebay

Hi all, just spotted 1 complete early V8 listed as requiring restoration, and an early V8 base unit fitted with a/c. Both are from the same seller, based in Telford. Hopefully salvageable and deserve to be in the hands of an enthusiast.

And yet another new listing on there. J reg Barn find 2000, listed as SC but badged TC with round dial dash, shame there's no photo's of engine bay. Mind you, the registration plate is clearly visible so I am sure someone on here will be able to identify its history;)
Item No 254041828150
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Here we go again, another barn find popped up. 3500S, description sounds good, standard steering wheel (shame) otherwise complete and IMHO well worth the asking price item No 283320530778


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Fibreglass wings can...… with work be made to fit well, and then look good.

My wings came from Fibreglass Classic car panels. Hardtops for Triumph and MG

They did indeed need work to get right, which I did before cutting most away.

If I had a stock P6 that needed 4 wings and wanted a no rot option then I would consider it, but you do need fibreglass skills to have a good outcome, they are not bolt up and play.


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Mine has 4 fibreglass wings, to look at them you’d never know, as cobraboy says I’ve no rot to worry about. Shame about the doors though....;)

Phil Robson

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The car with 'plastic wings' looks to be a good restoration project (subject to welding requirements...) as it is a Brigade Red Series 1 TC, which must be one of the really desirable P6s to own :cool: