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  1. Baron von Marlon

    My mean green hornet

    It's all looking great so far :cool:
  2. Baron von Marlon

    Callaway Range Rover 4.6 EFI manifold and plenum

    I can see the potential - is this still available?
  3. Baron von Marlon

    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Great to see some progress - keep plugging away, it's looking very cool indeed!
  4. Baron von Marlon

    1972 P6 V8 - The Lush

    Hi Damian, good to hear from you! The cellulose does seem to be holding up quite well, although the car does spend its time in the garage when not being used, which does help. I do give it a good polish then a couple of waxes a year, which seems to keep things looking nice. Congratulations on...
  5. Baron von Marlon

    1972 P6 V8 - The Lush

    It's been a while since I last updated this, purely because there hasn't been anything to report! Once back together the car performed faultlessly for the rest of the year, the only minor niggle is that the resprayed front wings don't quite match the rest of the car. Unfortunately the paint...
  6. Baron von Marlon


    Mine still appear to be working, but I guess it's only a matter of time.
  7. Baron von Marlon

    SDI Talk.

    I like to think of it as the love child of a Citroen Visa and an FSO Polonez :D
  8. Baron von Marlon

    Diff housing - Same or different across models?

    That seems to be a common problem - mine is the same, I'd be interested to find out how you do manage to shift it.
  9. Baron von Marlon

    Sierra 5-speed conversion.

    The Land Rover and car LT77 transmissions are very different - you can't really adapt a Land Rover one to fit a car.
  10. Baron von Marlon

    My mean green hornet

    Looking good!
  11. Baron von Marlon


    Fixed it! Took it out for a blast yesterday evening and the vibration is gone. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly which of the many thing I did whilst under there actually stopped it. My guess is either the tightening of the extension tube mounting bolt, or slackening off the transmission...
  12. Baron von Marlon

    New project 74 3500

    That sounds like the voice of experience :D
  13. Baron von Marlon


    Been under there this morning and I think that the culprit may be the extension tube flexible mounting. All of the prop bolts are tight, and there doesn't appear to be any play at all between the front and rear sections of the prop. All of the engine and gearbox mountings are tight. The only...
  14. Baron von Marlon


    Hi Jim, yes, it is an LT77. It's mounted using the standard LT77 rubber mounts onto an adapted SD1 crossmember, that bolts up where the auto crossmember would be. Haven't checked the prop bolts yet, am planning to get under there for a good look at the weekend, but I've no reason to believe...
  15. Baron von Marlon


    There's another thread with some suggestions here, as well: Vibration at 55mph or over As I put in there, I'm having a pretty similar problem, but it feels more like a vertical oscillation in my case, rather than a shimmy, or a sound. My diff mounts have been checked and are all fine - I'm...
  16. Baron von Marlon

    Clutch master location for conversion

    The final heat shielding arrangements can be seen in the first 3 pictures of this post: Re: P6 project: BW35 to LT77 manual box swap: the verdict Hope that helps.
  17. Baron von Marlon

    Clutch master location for conversion

    You'd think so, but it causes no problems whatsoever in regular use. I've just had DOT 5.1 fluid put in when renewing the brake and clutch fluid to give some extra temperature resistance, thinking that heat might be a problem, but it's made no difference to the operation. The master cylinder...
  18. Baron von Marlon

    1970 P6B Three Thousand Five... The Second Coming

    That's looking really good already, it's going to look brilliant after the final flatting and polishing.
  19. Baron von Marlon

    Spot the P6

    I'd like an electric car that drives me back from the pub! Other than that, not really bothered for self driving cars as I do enjoy driving (most of the time but I swear that there are more terrible drivers on the roads now than there used to be). Likewise, I don't think the 8 years mentioned...
  20. Baron von Marlon

    2000/2200 Clutch Adjustment

    Thanks for the suggestions and info all! The clutch pedal has been cut and shut, if it hadn't I think the problem would be even worse. I do wonder if another brake pedal has been used and modified to make it fit, because the person who did the conversion couldn't find a clutch pedal, although...
  21. Baron von Marlon

    how is the V8 engine dirty?

    When I get round to building the new engine for mine, I'm going to use synthetic oil in it, but probably only an 82 degree thermostat.
  22. Baron von Marlon

    2000/2200 Clutch Adjustment

    It took a while, but I had another look at the pedal, and the pedal height is definitely the problem. Allowing for the mat under the carpet, the pedal is about 10mm out, which is roughly the amount of pedal travel that appears to be missing. However, the problem I now have is that there isn't...
  23. Baron von Marlon

    Drive it day

    For the first time ever I was actually out and about on drive it day in mine. Drove approximately 80 miles, didn't see another classic!
  24. Baron von Marlon

    2000/2200 Clutch Adjustment

    Thinking about it today, I think the pedal height is the problem, as far as I know the SD1 clutch has been used complete. I haven't measured it yet, but looking at it, there isn't nearly 7 inches between the bottom of the pedal and the floor, it's probably closer to 6. There's that extra...
  25. Baron von Marlon

    Weird spanner

    Who wouldn't want a double-headed nut lathe? :D