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  1. Cafcpete

    logging in

    The other thing you could try is to set a proxy server to the one your ISP states. Used to be very popular in the slow old dial up days.......
  2. Cafcpete

    logging in

    Do you cookies disabled? Many sites use them for the auto logon.......
  3. Cafcpete

    logging in

    Is there not a keep logged in option? I don’t have to log in every time....
  4. Cafcpete

    suddenly a rough running engine

    Definitely S2 if 1976
  5. Cafcpete

    S2 V8 Wiring diagram

    Nice try, but they all seem to be for the 4cly models
  6. Cafcpete

    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Wow! The doors remind me of a Mk10 Jag.
  7. Cafcpete

    V8 exhaust silencer

    I just had the back box. It was too loud for my liking, very anti social to the locals.... put the middle box back and happy bunny. Having said that, the 20 year old over the road approved the loud version!
  8. Cafcpete

    penguins p6 3500

    Well done, that was a good find, and it has AC!
  9. Cafcpete

    heater .in p6 detail

    This is a start Heater
  10. Cafcpete

    Oil pressure sender thread.

    I think he wants Colin Gould Company:Kingsdown Classics Address:Unit 21 Pioneer Road Faringdon Oxfordshire SN7 7BU Contact:Mr Colin Gould Telephone:01367 244646
  11. Cafcpete

    Securon Inertia Reel Rear Seat Belts - what am I missing?

    I have my doubts too, and may do that, but can you explain what purpose the bracket has (in a fitting kit from the manufacturer) if not as I have done? Only curious......
  12. Cafcpete

    Securon Inertia Reel Rear Seat Belts - what am I missing?

    I have them done up VERY tight and have given them a big tug but will confess I did have the same worry. At the worst if it fails and moves, it is only adding an inch to the travel and that might even be a benefit, as it would lessen the deceleration effect .....
  13. Cafcpete

    Securon Inertia Reel Rear Seat Belts - what am I missing?

    I got some odd bracket/spacer in with my 254 kit which allows it to fit.
  14. Cafcpete

    Wanted early hook type choke or reserve pull handle/knob.

    You need to say which model, they are different lengths.
  15. Cafcpete

    LED sidelights

    £21 for a set of S2 dash lights... 13x Rover P6 3500S LED Dashboard Upgrade Bulbs T10 501 504 Capless Wedge W5W W3W
  16. Cafcpete

    More on MoT

    To do it properly you need to remove the roof (not as hard as it sounds), strip off the old vinyl (checking condition of metal work) then replace with lovely fresh EverFlex vinyl from Martrim (other shops are available) using the correct glue. Then reverse the procedure! Everflex Vinyl PVC...
  17. Cafcpete

    More on MoT

    Recover the roof then ;)!
  18. Cafcpete

    My '72 P6 V8 is back in use on UK roads and once again wearing its silver on black 'K' plates!

    Don't think the arrow would light if the indicator wasn't working. It could simple be the earth for the affected light unit. Have a play about under the wing!
  19. Cafcpete

    Free to a good home.

    Defiantly take the wheels. I don't know what they are ether, but alloys that fit P6 are few and far between!
  20. Cafcpete

    Oil pressure guage on 3500 not working .

    I’m guessing V8? Looking from the front it’s on the left hand side near the front. It’s quite a large item with one wire connector. Someone will be along with a better description :)
  21. Cafcpete

    Oil pressure guage on 3500 not working .

    It's a 'simple' electrical circuit. To check if the gauge is working short out the wire at the sender. It should go to maximum if the wire/gauge are working. If it does then it's the sender, if it doesn't then look at the cable to the gauge or replace the sender.
  22. Cafcpete

    Miscellaneous Switch

    My money would be on an after market isolator. Sort of security by obscurity!
  23. Cafcpete

    Distributor fitting

    Or take the plug out and cover the hole with your finger whilst turning the engine. You finger should get pushed away with the compression once the valves are closed.
  24. Cafcpete

    New Here With my 1967 Rover tc 2000

    Well done for saving her :)
  25. Cafcpete

    Differential Output Shafts - Time to give up?

    They serve a purpose and I am a member, but I do keep pushing people towards this fantastic resource !