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    Where to sell a classic

    I hope i'm not breaking any rules here but I would like to ask one question. I have a Rover P6 that I want to sell. Which website would you recomend to use to sell your car? Alan
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    Breaking / Spare 3/4 of the way down the page.
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    Saw this estate
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    Sure somebody wanted a back axle
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    I entered and would have cherished it.

    I know the obvious answer is "to sell it" but why enter a competition to win a car if that's all you're going to do.
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    auction I like it in a strange sort of way. Don't normally go for two tones.
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    Nice Sunny day. Video battery charged

    Saturday. Nice sunny day (Dry) video camera battery charged. V8 running. Thought i'd get my son to video a short trip to the Golf Driving range. Seemed like a good idea until you see the result of his filming. The floor, the roof, the sterring wheel boss, my ear, the A46 the back of the seat...
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    Sure i've seen this for sale before

    Shows as listed Jan 1 2099 but i'm sure it's been advertised somewhere before.
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    Any history

    My P6 was parked outside my house and an "old boy" turned up and told me all about his from 1975 - I've done the usual checks but wondered if anyone had any history or knowledge of HDY 400N (Mexico Brown P6 2200) Any information would be very interesting. Cheers Alan
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    Left Hand Drive Brake pipes

    I would like to know the lengths of the brake pipes fitted to a left hand drive Rover 2200 TC Austrian Spec with dual circuit brakes please? As soon as possible please as i have to get things sorted by the weekend. Cheers
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    Spotted on Ebay

    160271544239 Just found this and though i'd share it with you all..
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    16k from new - I wonder who has the lowest? I wonder who has the lowest miles on their car?
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    Quite nice - Not mine so not "selling" Quite like the colour.
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    Can't decide - Class or Crass

    Can't decide if these will add class or just look crass?
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    Engine Stops - Just stops

    Can you read the question below and then post your first Gut reaction. Monday; After a week of not running started her up. Ran for 2 minutes and then stopped. No coughing or splutering just stopped. Started her up again and ran her to a friends house. Drove her around and probably did 6 or 7...
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    Alexis update - Alexis update

    Not sure if i ever posted in the Welcome section. Been taking some more pictures of Alexis over the weekend and decided to share them with you all. Alexis the P6
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    Is this really Monza Red - Colour??

    Ebay 280218060156 - I'm fairly new to identifying colours of P6's but is this P6 really Monza Red and not Paprika? Very nice whichever colour. (I'm not the seller just curious)
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    Turn Key, Nothing - Non-Starter

    Turn key. No clicking nothing. I'm going to have to follow the cables with a test lamp. I know from the wiring diagram i need to locate a box which has four wires coming from it. Is this the box just inside the engine bay just below the windscreen and fixed on the driver side. In the drivers...
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    Brake Servo should have liquid in. - Servo Kit and the replacing of....

    Does anyone have, or can point me the direction of, "The Idiots Guide" to repalcing the bits inside the brake servo. The servo is off and in the garage. The part is on order. The knowledge is lacking but the heart is willing. Please answer; 1) Known pit falls? 2) At which point during the...
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    Not sure if i can mention the P5 - Dynamo

    Does anyone have a Dynamo for a P5 3 litre (1969) the dynamo has a take off to the power steering? or anyone know of anyone who might? Sorry to mention the P5 in a P6 forum. May i be shot down by the P6 God. I repent. I'm sorry.
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    Spotted for Sale - Very Pretty

    Doesn't this look nice. It's not mine i just stumbled over it. I think it looks beautiful.
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    Ligthhearted assistance - Coffee break question

    I have a friend of mine who has set me a question. He doesn't think i can tell him what car this is and he's right. I have no idea but i'm sure with your help i can amaze him with "my knowledge" or cunning. All he has said is that it is not a kit car but did it did not go into production. It...
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    Escaping Liquid - What is it?

    I have a problem with where this post should be put. Until i can work out what this liquid is and where it comes from i don't know if it should be stored under "Gearbox" "Brakes" "Engine" or "Heater" I have a P6 V8. Stand with your left foot at the rear of the front wheel. Knee down and you can...
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    Spotted on EBAY - Usual search didn't find it.

    Ebay link to nice looking rover
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    Any Tests

    Just bought a type 35 gearbox off ebay. Listed for 20p but that would have been an insult so contacted the seller to beat him sorry...asked him what he would take for it. Paid a tenner. (i'm a big softy with a sense of fair play) So. Is there any checks i can do to see how good it is...