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  1. relistan

    Modern vs Classic Tyres

    My 1966 P6 has some pretty old and cracked tyres on it and I'd like to get some new rubber on there ASAP. I really like how the steering handles with the classic Dunlop radials (165SR14) that are on there, despite the condition of the rubber. Replacements of similar design and tread are pretty...
  2. relistan

    Is my fuel pump bad?

    Hi all, I've just gotten my car last week ('66 SC with a 2200 motor) and have driven it a few times. It runs absolutely fine when cold, but after the car has heated up for awhile it will start cutting out, especially under load. I have now established that when this happens, I can see lots of...
  3. relistan

    Tachometer showing double

    Hey everyone. My 1966 Series 1 P6 SC has had a tachometer and clock from a TC fitted at some time in the past. This is a plus for me. It has the 7000 RPM red line, so I am pretty sure it's from a TC not a V8. But, it's showing double the actual RPM. It seemed wrong and so I verified this with an...
  4. relistan

    Front Seat Belts

    Hi everyone! My new 1966 Series 1 P6 has a set of Britax diagonal-only front belts fitted. I am not in love with driving it much like that for obvious reasons and want to fit 3 point belts. The issue is that I am pretty sure the Britax belts are not mounted in the normal location: they are...
  5. relistan

    Which headrests are these?

    I'm buying a P6 that has these headrests and I've never seen them before and Google searches for images don't turn up any like them. The car is a 1966 SC. Are these the original headrests for the car? The seats are clearly Rover seats. Cheers, Karl