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    Landcrab Project

    I have to admit Colin, yours looks in far better fettle than mine. The Morris really is as rotten as a pear :roll: The only reason why it hasn't gone to the great scrapyard in the sky is because my late Grandfather bought it when it was a year old in 1968, so it been in the family a long time...
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    Landcrab Project

    Yeah, the torsional strength of the Landcrab bodyshell is massive. It had to be, as the Crab doesn't have any subframes!! I too tried the pattern part sills, the main problem that I found is that original Landcrab sills are slightly curved down their length, and the pattern sills I got were...
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    Landcrab Project

    Landcrabs? Got one languishing in my garage, awaiting it's turn :D This one is a 1967 Mk1 Morris 1800, so quite a rare beast. I went the route of Maxi doors on mine, but fitted them with NOS door skins. I had to modify the door frames as well, due to the early cars having totally different door...
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    New Forum

    Another one giving the big thumbs up! :D Well done Richard. Changing phpbb code can be great fun, I've seen the Mrs have some really enjoyable evenings with it! Look forward to the galleries being added, any chance of a "garage" section??
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    Series II Grill

    I'll never forget mothers reaction when she came home and found me boiling a set of pistons in her best saucepan, so I could get the gudgeon pins out!! :lol: What a lovely frothy, oily gruel that was :mrgreen: Mk1 Granada rear wheel bearings in the freezer made m popular as well :oops:
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    Motor Show, Sheffield

    Fame at last!! Sorry I've been away from the boards for a while chaps, been a bit busy........ Thanks for the comments on my beasty. The wheels are indeed 15" Rostyles, with 195/65 VR15 tyres. The 3500S belongs to a very good friend of mine, and has recently been treated to a bare metal...
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    On the road again!

    Well done Demetris!! One thing that seems to work well with mine is using Castrol Valvemaster Plus. It's an octane booster with valve seat protection added. I never get any pinking with the standard timing, although mine is a later 9.75:1 engine
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    WANTED - Rear brake Pads for V8

    Hi Paul, I've just remembered, Mark from P6 Club (used to be the drivers club) had got hold of a load from somewhere, and is advertising them in the magazine at reasonable money
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    Bonnet Buffers - 6 per bonnet

    Hi Brian, You're right, those three little holes each side of the bonnet should have little buffers, that push through the holes. A nice cheap fix, and they stop the bonnet hitting on the front wings. You know the man for buying new ones!!:D
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    Bonnet respray

    Looks like good old Baccy leaf to me!! It's one of those colours that can look lovely when it's all fresh and polished, but can look horrible when faded. The problem is now with classic car colours, is that paint is going over to the water based system, and a lot of the mixing ratio's for older...
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    Smart Wheels

    Quite fancy these myself American Racing Torque Thrust Just for my taste, those wheels on ebay look a little too modern. I quite fancy a set of torque thrust's on mine!!:D
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    Valance stud plates - and outer brackets!

    Hi Drew, I seem to remember that the nuts on the stud plates are 7/16 across flats, and the outer bumper iron bolts are 9/16 across flats. I would recommend using a decent single hex socket on the bumper iron bolts though. They will most likely be very tight!! If you work the spanner backwards...
  13. E (Internet Movie He drove a P6?!!!

    I remember seeing a news report from Tony Martin's farm, and the Mexico Brown P6 was in the camera shot. I also seem to remember that in some states of America, what Tony Martin did is quite legal!
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    New forum coming....

    Hi Richard, Are you switching to PHPBB? That would be pretty cool, as we could have a garage section, Skype links, etc! Good Luck!!
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    Wear a Name Tag at Shows! - We know who each other is on here but wa

    Hi Guy's, Here goes with my six peneth worth........ I agree with both sides of the argument to be honest. Perhaps one answer to having a live Forum would be that the forum is only open to "live" members of the P6ROC, with valid membership. Correct me if I'm wrong (not good with computers) but...
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    Wiper Motor And Washer Pump

    Hi Guy's, When my wiper motor bobbins fell apart, I rummaged through my toolbox at work, and found a set of Vauxhall Cavalier/Astra airbox mounting bobbins. Perfect!
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    arriving soon - 3500s

    Hi Iggy, Ebay can be a good source for replacement wings, and other panels. You might have to wait until some come up in your local area though.
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    Electronic Ignition

    Hi Stan, I went for the standard Ignitor system, and also ordered the high powered flame thrower coil at the same time, which is rated at 1.5ohms resistance. There is also the Ignitor 2, which is a bit more flash, and I think you can set the dwell angle, but if you read the description on their...
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    Electronic Ignition

    Hi Stan, I have to admit to not hearing of this manufacturer. I recently fitted the Aldon Ignitor system, with excellent results, and really easy to fit as well. It takes less than an hour, but does rely on your distributor being in reasonably good condition though. There is another thread on...
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    Wear a Name Tag at Shows! - We know who each other is on here but wa

    I'm liking the dashboard sheet idea. Most excellent! Perhaps I could use a small viking figure, wearing a T shirt with "Erik" written on it!!:laugh:
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    A Rover "Super Four"

    Good idea for a thread Chris! It brought back a memory from when I was 18, and had my first V8 P6. I was still living around the Clacton area at the time, and I had this ratty looking black 2200TC pull out in front of me. He booted it when he saw a V8 in his mirror, and I could not catch him...
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    Hello - Just saying Hi and introducing myself

    That sounds like a plan Paul. Plenty of motorway services on the M1 to meet up at:D
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    Hello - Just saying Hi and introducing myself

    Hi Jetis, There's quite a few of us within a 20 mile radius of Derby:D Maybe see you at some of the shows:;):
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    pertronix distributor - how to do a proper conversion ...

    Hi Chaps, It might be worth checking out Aldon's website aldon auto. I am sure that you will be able to find out what ohm rating of coil is best suited to your cars. I seem to remember that 4 cylinder systems use a coil rated at 3 ohms, and 8 cylinder cars need a coil at 1.5 ohms. I've just...
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    DRIVE IT DAY - Will you be ?

    Like Pilkie, the Mrs and I don't have the option of steering a modern car, as we only have classics! The newest car we own is my Capri, which was built late 1986, registered early 1987, while the Mrs drives her Mk2 Escort everyday. The Rover is the toy, but if the weather's nice, I'll hatch him...