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    Where to sell a classic

    Big thanks to FrazzleTC for suggesting car & classic. Alexis has been sold to a guy in Coventry (so still local to me) so i'll see her running around. Thanks
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    Where to sell a classic

    Under the menu on left it says Rover P6 V8 For Sale
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    Where to sell a classic and look at the botom left hand corner.
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    Where to sell a classic

    I hope i'm not breaking any rules here but I would like to ask one question. I have a Rover P6 that I want to sell. Which website would you recomend to use to sell your car? Alan
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    A decent garage in the West Midlands

    Might be a bit to far but it would be well worth a visit. or he's a P6 man and has loads of them. A real old school mechanic and good guy. Alan
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    P6 on BBC1

    Couldn't find it on Youtube but i did here. ... -1966.html I'm off out now to buy some new fur for around my hood.
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    P6 on BBC1

    I don't wish to sound like an anorak but the P6 in question ended up crashing and Gene Hunt was driving in the Cortina ......which if my memory serves me correctly is badged wrongly as the model it claims to be didn't have a vynil roof. Sorry to sound like a complete anorak. I hope i've got...
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    P6ROC National Rally, Sunday 14th June

    Nice to see so many P6's in one place. As for the Zoo. I've been going to Twycross for many years and as Zoos go it is one of the best. However after going to South Africa and Namibia on Safari I have started to wonder why we still have zoos with small enclosures. The Lions and Leopards need...
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    P6ROC National Rally, Sunday 14th June

    Rick, You don't think the photo on "C'mon now...don't be shy!" might also help identify you????? She's passed her third MOT with flying colours so i'll be there. What time can we get into Twycross?
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    Breaking / Spare 3/4 of the way down the page.
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    P6ROC National Rally, Sunday 14th June

    Can I just ask if anyone knows which entrance at Twycross the cars arrive at. When the Vanden Plas / Wolseley / Westminster met they used the side entrance into the field which was 1/4 mile past the main entrance (from A5 end). I only ask because if it's busy you could be in the queue for the...
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    P6ROC National Rally, Sunday 14th June

    Water pump and fuel pump sorted. Next is the MOT - If this gets done and passes then i'll be there. Look out for LXC 97L on the day. She'll be up for sale. She sits in the garage not doing the miles that she should do and when she does go out for the day she is a joy to drive. I've had her...
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    Saw this estate
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    Sure somebody wanted a back axle
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    I entered and would have cherished it.

    I know the obvious answer is "to sell it" but why enter a competition to win a car if that's all you're going to do.
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    Slang language/text speak query???

    Personally when my son uses this sort of thing i look at - However the answer for this thread is not going to be written in this forum. You'll find sometimes that there are multiple meanings. I hope that's the case this time.
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    auction I like it in a strange sort of way. Don't normally go for two tones.
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    New Supplier and Neat Front Oil Seal Mod

    Msg for vaultsman DJE is just round the corner from me. Not seen your P6 around. You'll have to let me know next time you're over this way.
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    Don't you just love it when.....

    Makes the expense all worthwhile doesn't it.
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    Breaking for spares

    HANG ON CHAPS. Read the description carefully. It's not for the car, the listing is only for the wheel nuts. You read the text but your brain is left to interprete things differently. You may have all seen and understood the listing but nobody put in this thread that it's only for the wheel...
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    Nice Sunny day. Video battery charged

    Saturday. Nice sunny day (Dry) video camera battery charged. V8 running. Thought i'd get my son to video a short trip to the Golf Driving range. Seemed like a good idea until you see the result of his filming. The floor, the roof, the sterring wheel boss, my ear, the A46 the back of the seat...
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    Rover P8

    That's rather worrying that they can't find it. It's not a set of Triple A batteries that can fall down the back of the settee. It's probably about 15 feet long and around 6 1/2 feet wide and has big black round things at each corner. As of May 2008 the listing in the Historic Vehicle Collection...
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    Sure i've seen this for sale before

    Shows as listed Jan 1 2099 but i'm sure it's been advertised somewhere before.
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    WANTED... tidy 3500...

    Have you seen
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    Any history

    My P6 was parked outside my house and an "old boy" turned up and told me all about his from 1975 - I've done the usual checks but wondered if anyone had any history or knowledge of HDY 400N (Mexico Brown P6 2200) Any information would be very interesting. Cheers Alan