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    Window seals etc

    Hello, Hopfully youve dropped on there and if it is a good solid car its a big bonus, all listed should be able to supply most of what you need, Wins ( Jeff 01342 327018 ) MGBD parts ( Mark Gray 01902 689975 ) JR Wadhams (John 01384 891800 ) Rover parts of London ( Pierre 07860 276791 ) pierre...
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    Roof vinyl.

    Hi, I can see this is an old post so you might have got sorted, I bought mine from Mark Gray ( MGDB Parts ) I recovered my rear quarters with it, its a good match / quality and i thought reasonably priced, Regards Dave,
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    Series 2 windscreen wipers

    Hi. Ive just realised that the large washers that fit over the wiper spindle before the nut goes on are handed, can anyone tell me which is which, both are recessed but one is offset, ( there easily seen, if someone could have a look at their car and let me know it would be much appreciated )...
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    Hello from Pontefract

    Looks like they were in the wrong boxes, swapped them over and they look a lot better, Dave.
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    Hello from Pontefract

    No problem Mike any help is appreciated, Dave,
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    Hello from Pontefract

    Hi Mike, There definitely handed, if you stand them up one leans to the left and one to the right, when there on the bumper neither one looks square to what be front of the car if that makes sense, probably look different when its on the car, just trying to get as much ready before i get the...
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    Hello from Pontefract

    Hi Phil, Thanks for the reply, ill have another look tomorrow but its difficult to tell without it been fitted to the car, hope to have it back soon, Regards Dave.
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    Hello from Pontefract

    Hi Ive had lots of really useful information from you guys over the last 2 years while ive been restoring my 3500s which is now nearing completion, is there anyone can help me to tell the difference between a left and right hand over rider, I have NOS and im trying to fit the front ones to the...