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  1. PNP

    Diff Oil Specificiation

    Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to the difference between GL4 and GL5 specification gear oil and is the later (80w/90 GL5) suitable Diff Oil for a P6. Looking at changing out in my 68 SC Auto given I have no idea when itwas last done. Also is that's typically used in the stearing...
  2. PNP

    series 1 front bagde mounting

    My front badge has always been a bit loose on the grill. Took a look at an original old TC body the other day and it had the badge mounted as per the attached photo. Mine does not seem to want to fit like that. How should the mount?
  3. PNP

    Fitting an in line fuel filter

    Thinking about installing an in line fuel filter between the reserve tap and the mechanical fuel pump on my SC. Was wondering if anyone knows the male thread on the reserve tap? I'm planning to put a barb on it
  4. PNP

    Strip Speedo failure, where to start?

    I recently noticed a 'whering/spinning' noise that seemed to be coming from behind the dash at low speed /when changing from D2 to N (Series 1 SC Auto) and now, the strip speedo has now stopped working. Am I just best off checking both angle drives and the cable or should I go straight for the...
  5. PNP

    Replacing Plastic Fuel Lines with Rubber

    Yesterday's drive was disrupted by fuel issues. TWith over 1/2 tank of fuel the level in the bowl on my mechanical pump was barely covering the screen and dropping low causing the car to splutter and cut out a few times. Would restart straight away but do it a few minutes later. Also seemed...
  6. PNP

    Valve Clearance Criticality

    My SC Auto has been off the road for 2 years. The engine has been professionally rebuilt by a shop that specialises in older equipment. I've probabably done 2 - 3 hundred miles since she's been back on the road & I've been chasing a problem with rough idle and poor bottom end performance. Not...
  7. PNP

    What Thermostat to run in an SC

    My recently rebuilt SC seems to run very cool (well in the blue). 1. What thermostat did they originally come out in (Australia if that makes a difference), & 2. Would running cool impact the idle?
  8. PNP

    SC Exhaust note

    My Ser 1 SC has the two muffler arrangement. I replaced the rear muffler and tail pipe when I first got the car. Now I've rebuild the engine it still sounds very 'tinny' when accelerating. No manifold leaks or loose damaged heat sheild. I'm confident its the front half of the exhaust system...
  9. PNP

    Oil Pipe Crush Washers

    Hi All, After 2 years in the shed I have got my SC Auto back on the road. Not lively off the mark but great fun to drive all the same. Unfortunately the copper crush washers (smaller ones) on the flexible pipe that feeds the top tentioner has developed a leak. Tried giving it a nip but no...
  10. PNP

    Quarter Window Glass to Frame

    Hi all, do the front quarter windows have a rubber seal between the glass and crome frame or are they just held in with sealant. The drivers side front window on my P6 S1 is loose and the remanants of the seal is rock hard.
  11. PNP

    Any one ever built a TC Auto?

    Has anyone ever built up a TC Auto? My S1 still has the original engine and auto gearbox. Don't want to do anything irreversible but would be keen to play around for a few years. Would twin 1.75" carbs and the right cam make for a more drivable car?
  12. PNP

    Series 1 Seat Belts, best after market option

    Hi Team, Currently looking for a new set of (fixed) seat belts for my Series 1 (2000). Does anyone have an opinion on which ones to go for? Has anyone fitted a set with storks rather than short belt ends? Do they look period?
  13. PNP

    Attaching S1 '2000' badge onto the boot.

    Hi all, When I purchased my car one of th '0's on the 2000 on the boot lid was missing (it was an Automatic 200). Have located a new badge and removed the old one without damaging the boot lid Noting you can not get access to the back of the skin in that area, whats the best way to reattach...
  14. PNP

    Front Link Bushes, Rubber or Polyeurothane?

    I'm about to do the ball joints on my SC Auto and was wondering whether to replace the lower link bushes with rubber or poly while I have the struts out. The car is not a performance machine so I'd prefer a quiter ride over a stiffer one. Do the poly bushes typically have a tendancy to...
  15. PNP

    Proper name for my interior colour, 68 SC ?

    Hi, I have an Arden Green 68 SC with a light cream (almost custardy) coloured interior. Just wondering if this would have been called Sandlewood? Its definitely not the light/mid brown colour.
  16. PNP

    vac advance points straight at the oil filter?

    Hi All, has anyone else ever encounted the problem of not being able connect the vac advance at the distributor end because it points directly at the oil filter. With the drive dropped in as per the manual (line up with the two bolt holes)I can't get enough swing on the distributor to move it...
  17. PNP

    Cleaning S1 2000 Hubcaps/dress rims

    Keen to clean up my hub caps. Are they stainless or anodised mild steel? If stainless, are they able to be polished.
  18. PNP

    S1 2000 Headlight Wiring - Extra Wires in Loom ?

    Hi all, Have had my 68 S1 2000 off the road for about 18 months with an engine rebuild. Just finishing up a few small jobs before she goes back on the road. Headlight wiring was in very poor state (as was the whole radiator support panel/ headlight hardware) so I've installed relays in behind...
  19. PNP

    Stowing the P6 Jack correctly?

    Hi All, about to finish an 18 month engine rebuild and engine bay refresh. Was putting the boot back together last week and could not work out if there is a correct way to stow the jack. Is it handle in or handle out, Base to the rear or base to the front. Last thing I want to do is dent...
  20. PNP

    2000 SC Auto Trans filler/dip stick pipe mounting.

    Can I just confirm that the bracket shown on the pipe mounts through the engine to trans bolt at approximately 10 o'clock (viewed from the front looking rearward). The breather clamps (also shown) mount with the same bolt. If I have this wrong could someone please set me straight?
  21. PNP

    Series 1 (4 Cyl) Starter Solinoid Earth

    Does the S1 starter solinoid (mounted on near the right hand lights on my LHD car) have an earth or does it earth through its body?
  22. PNP

    Rebuilding inertia type starter motor

    I've dropped my the inertia type starter motor of my 68 SC Auto off at a local Auto electrician to have brushes and bushes put through it before it gets reinstalled. The front bush does have a bit of play in it. The Auto electrician is hesitant to take the spring off the front in case he can't...
  23. PNP

    Original (looking) HT Leads P6 2000 SC

    Wondering if you can purchase good quality HT Leads (for a S1 2000) with original looking rubber skirts that keep the dirt out of the head. I'm getting a bit carried away but want to keep everything original. Cheers
  24. PNP

    BW35 Fitted Bolts and Torque Convertor Bolts

    Hi, Rebuilding a 68 2000SC Auto. Gearbox and Engine have been out of the car for about 9 months. In the last stages of getting everything organised to put it back in in the next few weeks 2 Questions. 1. Are there only two fitted bolts that are fitted at about 4 and 10 o'clock? 2. Are the...
  25. PNP

    Front Crank seal Oil slinger cup

    Hi Team, just went to install a new front oil seal on an engine that I have just had rebuilt. There is a loose pressed metal cup siting on the crank shaft in front of the lower timing chain sprocket. Does this cup gust sit between the oil seal and the chain?