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  1. Dangermouse

    Head skimming

    Hello all I want to find out how far can you skim a P6 2200TC head. Mine has a corrosion pit right on the bore lip position and it a bit deeper than i think it can be skimmed. Advice welcome.
  2. Dangermouse

    Small end bushes

    Hello all. I have just fitted new small end bushes to my 2200TC con rods, Now the new piston pins are .012 larger than the bush, so I presume the bushes have to be reamed to fit. Is this correct ?
  3. Dangermouse

    Front springs

    Hi all I have taken off my front springs from my 2200TC and they are a on the rusty side. I have a set like new from a late 2000. The 2000 springs have a red and a white stripe and the 2200 has just a white stripe. I know that two types of spring was used 170 and 150 but which is which or am I...
  4. Dangermouse

    v8 front brake shield

    I need a P6 V8 front passenger side brake disk shield, mine has rusted away to nearly nothing.
  5. Dangermouse

    2000 / 2200 small ends

    Hi all I'm in the process of reconditioning a 2200 TC engine and have been looking for a set of conrod small end bushes. Apart from one supplier at a very high price, I cant find anything. Does anyone know where a set might be found at less than the cost of a kidney or if any other Rover bushes...
  6. Dangermouse

    2000 / 2200 small end bushes

    Hi all Anyone know where one might get a set of 2000 / 2200 small end bushes?
  7. Dangermouse

    2200TC one family car

    Hello all. We have just purchased a lovely 1974 2200TC P6, Having wanted a Rover P6 for a long time to tow our vintage caravan with, we purchased a Monza red 2200 last year. We were told it was immaculate and as it was 270 miles away from us we had quite a lot of photos sent to us. So we bit...
  8. Dangermouse

    V8 Front discs

    I'm doing a bit of work on my brakes and have read on an old post here that transit vented discs will fit on a v8 P6. Does any one know what you have to do so they will fit, machining ? different callipers ? etc etc . Any info will be appreciated .
  9. Dangermouse

    REA's restoration

    Our new project REA 24R is coming along. Lots of nice rusty metal to play with and a knackered engine. All good fun ? Anyway if you guys would like to see what's happening go to our car's website here, and go to the P6 section.
  10. Dangermouse

    Inner wing paint

    After working on the engine bay I will be spraying it and the inner wings. But What type of paint to use. I've seen a lot of gloss inner wings, but I believe this was not original, as a semi gloss was used by Rover. Is this still around or anything like it that will take the heat in an engine bay ?
  11. Dangermouse

    3500 front caliper

    Wanted a front n/s 3500 caliper.
  12. Dangermouse

    2200 chain wheels

    I need a new intermediate chain wheel on my 2200, I can get the older 2000 two part wheel cluster, to replace my double chain wheel. Can anyone tell me if these are interchangeable ?
  13. Dangermouse

    Vandervell +10 thou con rod big end shell bearings

    I have a set of Vandervell +10 thou con rod big end shell bearings for sale. Will fit 2000 / 2200 SC & TC. New old stock still in packet and box. Perfect condition. £75.00 or near offer, plus £5.00 postage.
  14. Dangermouse

    2200 TC loom

    Wanted a 2200 TC front wiring loom. Pm if have one.
  15. Dangermouse

    2200 TC badges

    I'm looking for a couple of 2200 TC wing / boot badges. P M me if you have any for sale
  16. Dangermouse

    SC to TC dash swop

    I'm putting a 2200 TC engine into my SC P6 and want to put in the TC round dial dash too. Is this a do-able job ? Would be glad of a few tips.
  17. Dangermouse

    P6 2200 TC dash

    Wanted full dash for a Rover P6 2000 or 2200 TC, or a ammeter and oil gauge and rev counter.
  18. Dangermouse

    Hello from Cornwall

    Hi all, just registered here, purchased a nice P6 2200sc from eBay and here to pick all your mega P6 brains. :) The car is a two owner, the second owner purchased it in 1978, I got it from second owners wife. the car had done a thousand miles from a full restoration, then dropped a valve. The...
  19. Dangermouse

    Rover P6 2200 engine

    Wanted a 2200 engine or short engine, any condition considered. SC or TC