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    1964 French "Sharks Tooth" 2000

    Yes, commonly referred to as sharks tooth. If you're not aware, it relates to the style of the front panel under/behind the bumper with vertical slats. From early 1966 (approx February IIRC) they changed to a panel with a more obvious vertical style to it, can't remember why now though...
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    “worst car in Britain”

    When I saw the thread title I initially thought it might be a reference to the old AA Square Wheel award to the Rover P6 3500, circa 1974 IIRC. Unfortnately, I no longer have the relevant magazine but it was yet another example of BL's poor record at that time.
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    French touch

    'Town - Country', sounds as if it could be to switch between two horns, perhaps the standard ones and air-horns. A very 60s / early 70s fitment - the Jensen Interceptors had Town & Country horns.
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    French touch

    Looks very good and quite original. A rare find. It's also unusual to see the yellow French headlights nowdays, I've hardly seen any actually in use in France for many years now. Any idea what the switch on the far left is for?
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    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    Now I know why I can't he bothered to take a car into London. Out of intetest, I've just input details of my car, registered as Historic, and it says ULEZ is applicable, £12.50 per day. However, if I believe it to be exempt, I must create an account and register the car there. Elsewhere, it...
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    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    I changed one of mine (not Rover) back in April, the first time I could do so and the Post Office staff took the V5 (as they're supposed to do) and I had a new one back from DVLA after approx 3 weeks. I also renewed the tax at the same time (now free as Historic) and the refund for the...
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    New member seeks model clarification

    Indeed :eek:. I blame my keyboard ;)
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    New member seeks model clarification

    Assuming yours is a home market (UK) car, the 'VIN' should start 415..... - TC's final number for series 1 was 41535686. A 1970 model year would also originally have had 'ROVER' in larger individual letters to the left side of the bootlid, the only year they fitted that style. Your dash style...
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    brown 3500S Richmond

    They weren't 'options' as such, IIRC, it was related to the interior trim colour. Huntsman roof/panels/sills were the default colour with certain exterior colours, ie Mexico and Almond etc and the only time black roof etc was fitted with those colours was if Ebony trim was specified. However...
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    More on MoT

    I agree with Harvey's comments about Tobacco Leaf / tints etc.. I recall a TC in that exact scheme but also fitted with 'S' spoke trims and boot-mounted spare wheel. It was well cared for, polished and I thought it looked 'right'. Having said that, I wouldn't worry about 'originality...
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    Miscellaneous Switch

    That sort of thing was a very common 'anti-theft' idea back in the 60s/70s. Lots of people fitted similar things. Or a switch for an early home-made electric fan addition but an unlikely location.
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    Classic car show - Yealmpton South Devon

    There will be a classic car show in the lovely grounds of Lyneham Estate, Yealmpton (between Plymouth & Ivybridge, near A38) on Saturday 2nd June. Ideal for Devon/Cornwall based owners. It is organised by Saltram Rotary, raising funds for Devon Air Ambulance. Starts 11am (exhibitors 10.30am) -...
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    just seen this on flickr.

    I looked at this thread earlier today and later picked up one of my books and thought 'I've just seen that photo' somewhere! According to the book it was a photoshoot of the cast of 'the new edgy police series Z-Cars'. Dated 27 September 1965. It didn't really click at first but the car's...
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    Hi from Worcestershire

    I think the adjusting wheel is correct, early ones were that colour. Appears to have the switches for the dash map lights, also has the licking fuel cap, the curved choke/reserve knobs and what looks like the later heater knob, so that would seem, to me, correct for the stated age of the car...
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    Hi from Worcestershire

    Agreed, they were. I'd forgotten that. Having said that, I don't recall ever seeing a series 1 with the optionally-fitted side trims when they were current. I'm not saying that there weren't any but presumably there weren't many. Good looking V8 you have there.
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    Hi from Worcestershire

    It's good to see early P6s being kept going. From the outside the side trims weren't available as options until c1968 (standard from 70/71) and the original over-riders were a different style to those fitted. BUT, the car's 53 years old, there aren't many that were exactly as they left the...
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    vip up for sale again

    When it's been restored as it has, is it still a VIP? The VIP was what it was primarily because of the cosmetic changes, if you change those , is it really a VIP? As above, if made more similar to a Series 2, I think the colour suits it, although who fitted the boot badges like that! The...
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    Oil Pressure Drop

    If it was mine as a 'new' purchase I would start with an oil and filter change, unless you know that it was changed shorty before purchase and you knew what oil/filter were used.
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    Anyone know this p6?

    Could it be that many of the Rover-registered cars were on XC number plates, including brochure cars.
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Andries Thanks, appreciate the detail. I've seen the pictures in James Taylor's books, and also various other publications over the years. I didn't initially read the early part of the thread as it was 8 years old but I then saw the photos of 818D, which appeared to only have one inner-wing...
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    It's a really difficult situation to judge. What will internal combustion engined (I understand it's ICE now) cars be worth in a few decades time? It's anybody's guess. I know numerous 'collectors/enthusiasts' who all make similar comments, namely that large numbers of the 'younger...
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Wouldn't the early P6B pre-production mules, or whatever you want to call them, have had the original base units without the inner wing cut outs? This particular dealer does seem to have, in my opinion, a liking of aspirational prices; that comment isn't specific to the car in question. I...
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    Rear seat belts

    Following on from another post (in Gallery) where it was highlighted that rear seat belts were an option from new, it got me thinking. As an impressionable youngster back then, I was very familiar with early P6s due to the number of people we knew who had them, and I don't recall ever seeing...
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    1968 Rover 2000 SC in Zircon Blue

    I should have checked before posting, I've looked in my books and see that rear belts were indeed an option from day one. Happy to be corrected, as always :) I recall many early P6s, even as a youngster, as parents and family friends etc. had them when they were current and I don't recall...
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    1968 Rover 2000 SC in Zircon Blue

    Very nice. I always like the purity look of the series 1s and that looks very 'in period' (apart from the rear belts, which I don't think were an option back then? - that's not a criticism, simply a comment).