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    My 2200 parts list gives the camshaft part number as 566942 for both the SC and TC
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    They belong to an EAPC club member, a Series 2 3500 and a Series 1 2000TC, they haven't moved for some time.
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    Front Caliper Rebuild

    You can also try immersing the caliper in boiling water for ten minutes
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    Tinkling sound

    Could be the metal insert to the heat shield between the carbs and the manifold that's come adrift and is rolling round in the inlet manifold.
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    series 2 Kienzle clock repair.

    Just hold the contacts together and touch briefly with a low power soldering iron (15 watt or so) and that should re-connect them.
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    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    When I checked mine just now it said that it was exempt, with a note that added although it doesn't meet emission requirements it was exempt due to age. It is taxed as Historic.
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    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    The Ultra Low Emission Zone doesn't apply to any vehicle in the Historic taxation class
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    More on MoT

    I have seen two cars with an MoT and one rear brake not working at all, both of these were MoT'd in this condition as the nature of the failure was such that it could not have occurred since the test (part missing and adjustments made to mask the fault). Getting exempt cars tested is very...
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    Gearbox Noise

    I've drained the oil, nothing came out with it. I suppose I'm going to have to find a gearbox rebuilder.
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    Gearbox Noise

    No, the speedo is not wavering. If it was something jammed in the gears then I would have expected it to be louder as the load increased, it's more like something rattling that's held in place under load.
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    Gearbox Noise

    Just difficult physically, synchromesh was and still is good. Noise is most prominent on light load.
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    Gearbox Noise

    Recently changing gear on my 2200SC became increasingly difficult when hot, particularly the 3-2 downchange, requiring a lot of force to go in. Out of the blue the problem went away and the gearchange now is better than it's ever been. The problem is that it has developed a rattling or...
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    Potential P6 Owner

    The thread for the oil sender is 3/8 BSF and Holden Vintage and Classic supply them.
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    Head & fog light switch

    The problem must lie between the dip switch and the lamps, since the main beams work and all connections are common up to that point. At the risk of asking a silly question, have the dip filaments blown in the outer lamps?
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    My 2000TC 'Minstrel' needs a lot of TLC..

    Does reverse crunch when you try to engage it, if so your mates' advice is probably correct? The clutch pedal should be adjusted so that it's level with the brake pedal. Otherwise it could be the bushes in the linkage, if the lever feels sloppy.
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    Government MOT exempt discussion forum

    When the MoT runs out it will come up as exempt until the tax is due. At that point you have to declare it as a VHI or the requirement for an MoT will re-appear.
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    My 2000TC 'Minstrel' needs a lot of TLC..

    Are you sure the clutch problem is not simply the hydraulics? Are you losing fluid?
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    Ignition light, fuel and temp gauges, flasher problems...

    The light being illuminated when the ignition is off is usually a sign of a short-circuit diode in the alternator.
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    Ignition light, fuel and temp gauges, flasher problems...

    The windscreen washer pump shares a fuse with the gauges, as do the stop and reversing lights. Do they work?
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    Ignition light, fuel and temp gauges, flasher problems...

    Your '73 car should have an 18ACR alternator with a built-in regulator, the fault could be in either, or the warning light connection could be shorted to earth, to check the latter unplug the large plug at the back of the alternator and see if the light still stays on. If it doesn't, change the...
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    Classic Insurance.

    I'm insured by Peter James, I don't have a modern myself, but I'm a named driver on my wife's policy.
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    Classic car breakdown cover

    My classic cover with Peter James purports to cover breakdown and recovery in the UK and Europe, although I haven't had occasion to put either to the test, (touch wood!)
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    What to check on a 2200TC. P6 newbie!

    Correct tyre size is 185/80 R14
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    Convertible up for auction

    Modifications done in period or more than 30 years ago are allowed.
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    RPMs versus MPH Mystery

    There's quite a big discrepancy there. At 4000 rpm you should be doing 78 mph, so the wheels would have to be a lot smaller and in any case the speedo would still show 78 as it would be calibrated for the correct size wheels. If the clutch were slipping it would be obvious by the revs rising...