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  1. suffolkpete

    Gearbox Noise

    Recently changing gear on my 2200SC became increasingly difficult when hot, particularly the 3-2 downchange, requiring a lot of force to go in. Out of the blue the problem went away and the gearchange now is better than it's ever been. The problem is that it has developed a rattling or...
  2. suffolkpete

    Seam Sealer for Sills?

    I've just removed one of the sills and found that the bottom edge has been sealed with seam sealer. Is this correct? I thought there was meant to be a gap to allow water to drain.
  3. suffolkpete

    MoT Passed

    No advisories and the tester (a veteran of 40 years in the trade) said they were the best back brakes he'd ever tested. Thanks to this forum, and particularly Quattro's photos for that. And free road tax as well! P6 motoring is looking good.
  4. suffolkpete

    Rear Door Alignment

    The leading edge of my RH rear door protrudes beyond the trailing edge of the front door and the top of the sill by about an eighth of an inch. It appears to be the original door and there is no sign of any accident repair. There is a shim fitted between the hinge and the B post but removing...
  5. suffolkpete

    Tobacco Leaf J reg 2000

    Seen in Waitrose car park in Saxmundham yesterday afternoon. Anyone on here?
  6. suffolkpete

    Cylinder Head Removal

    I need to take the head off my 2200SC to replace the O ring as it is leaking oil down the side of the engine. HBoL seems to imply that you should go through the procedure of removing the camshaft, placing spacers under the bolts where the cam carriers went and re-torqueing them, and then...
  7. suffolkpete

    Main Bearings

    Is it possible to replace the main bearing shells with the engine in situ and if so, how? HBoL says only the big ends can.
  8. suffolkpete

    Floppy Gear Lever

    I was out this afternoon and all of a sudden, just as I was changing from first to second the gearlever went all loose and I found I could wave it about without it doing anything useful. After a bit of experimentation, I found that by pulling up on the gearlever, I could change gear, albeit in...
  9. suffolkpete

    Fog Lamps

    Are the headlamps meant to go out when you select "Fog" on the dashboard switch?
  10. suffolkpete


    I'm new to this Rover business, having just acquired a 1974 2200SC. Needs a bit of work, the timing chains are noisy, the driver's seat is full of holes and the brakes keep locking on. I've checked the pedal height, think I'll rebuild the master cylinder next. I'm sure there's a lot of advice...