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    Ok heathens (ie downdraft users), show me some pics!

    Hi Guys/Gals. I have gone to the dark side and put a holley on my 3.5, in my P6. I'm not happy with the complicated throttle linkage set-up that came with the bits I used. Can you other 'heathens' show me some pics of the elegant linkage/cable set-ups you have? At the moment I'm thinking I'll...
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    Any Aussies have this bracket for sale...?

    Part #24. Disregard the rubber mounts. Just chasing the mounting bracket, which bolts to the passenger side of the engine. There should be one in Australia, surely. :) Cheers, Rob.
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    Wing Mirrors....not standard?

    Howdy groovers, New to the P6 thing. What's the deal with wing mirrors? Were they an option only or what? There seems to be a variety from none to behind the 1/4 glass, to halfway down the bonnet... what's the deal?
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    Graber Coupes.....where can I find out more?

    I've read a bit on google, but are there any good books written on these works of art?
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    Recommendations for electronic ignition Distributor?

    Hi guys, Discovered my ignition problems are down to the dizzy base plate allowing the points to adjust themselves as I drive. The easiest solution I feel is an update to electronic. Can't seem to source any suitable ones locally. What are the favored brands or what should I avoid, getting one...
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    Rover P6B Series One ignition switch - what else is compatible?

    Hi Guys, My dash mounted ignition switch decided to part ways internally. Finding a replacement (here in Australia) is proving difficult. Most require a mounting hole too wide. Are any of the Land Rover / MG / Mini ignition switches the same size? Or is there an aftermarket switch that will fit...
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    Throttle shaft much is too much?

    Hi, As the title suggests. Butterfly shaft side to side movement is about half a millimetre, but the shaft can also move around in its housing by half to a third of a millimetre as well. I'm guessing this enough to cause a vacuum leak....? Cheers, Rob.
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    Does anyone know of anyone currently making tunnel rams for 3.5s?

    Howdy, I've always wanted a blower or tunnel rams.....seems like these for the 3.5 are as rare as hens teeth! Doesn anyone know of someone making a decent set?
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    Electric Fuel pump - what do you use?

    My P6b has the factory air-con and hence an electric fuel pump. At some point in it's life that's been replaced with a carter fuel pump in the engine bay. As I'm resurrecting Reg I've found it's stuffed. I've been down the fuel pump rabbit-hole and back - what make/model is preferred by the...
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    Wiring loom help please - no power to coil and mystery hot wire

    Hi! Well work on resurrecting Reg (series 1 P6B) continues. I've got the engine turning but it refuses to fire. I've found that I have power to the coil when cranking the engine - but not when the ignition is just 'on'. It tried to fire on the starter but as soon as i let go of the starter it...
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    Dumb question

    What size spark plug remover do I need on standard P6 heads? Neither of mine seem to fit, going to get a new one but want to get the right one. Also, am I right saying I need the shorter (12mm) thread for series one? Are bolts on the series one (1971) imperial or metric? Cheers.
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    Bringing life back to P6B

    Howdy groovers, In anticipation of resurrecting the P6B which has been in the shed for 15? 20? years I've been doing some reading. Regarding the crank rope seals - what do you think the best way to ease these back into life are? Cranking the engine up to correct oil pressure (with dizzy...
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    Intake manifold question

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if a the 4.4 P76 intake manifold will fit a Rover 3.5? Cheers. LEYLAND P76 V8 INTAKE MANIFOLD ROVER MG | eBay
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    New to-be P6B owner

    Howdy, Well a mate of mine has just given me his P6B V8. I haven't seen it for nearly 20 years and it's been shedded most of that time. I'm looking forwards to making a trip over to him and seeing exactly what I've got myself into lol. I've mucked around with cars and v8s before but I'm new to...