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  1. Paulcovy

    V8 power steering idler

    Hi all require a steering idler for my ol P6 .... interested in good second hand unit or refurbed what ever really Thanks
  2. Paulcovy

    Lt77 suffix d rear mainshaft bearing

    hi all I’ve bought a rebuild kit from Ashcroft transmissions and they can supply the rear mainshaft bearing as it’s 2wd and they do 4wd , does anyone know the bearing number , or have a part number so I can get one from my local supplier , I was hoping to do it all in one hit so didn’t wanna...
  3. Paulcovy

    Front pipe for v8s

    hi I’m after a good second hand y front pipe from a 3500s if anyone had one Many thanks
  4. Paulcovy

    Brake caliper seals

    hi does anyone know how the two parts of the girling front caliper seals ? I’ve looked in my old book but it doesn’t list a seal for the caliper body , it looks like I have a very small leak from the joint. Wanted to buy a comprehensive rebuild kit before I completely strip them down
  5. Paulcovy

    Alternator alternatives

    hi all my alternator is noisey I’ve replaced the bearings it’s an 11ac unit the track that the brushes contact is dented an I believe that’s the source of the noise , what’s involved in swapping for a more modern unit , I’ve seen a few for sale but I’ve heard that it needs to be re wired ? Any...
  6. Paulcovy

    Lt77 output flange

    Hi all need the output flange from an lt77 that would fit the auto v8 prop Thanks !!!
  7. Paulcovy

    V8 auto prop required

    Will need one for my Gearbox conversion thanks all
  8. Paulcovy

    Lt77 conversion requirements

    hi all I should have acquired an lt77 box by the weekend , I know I need a bell housing , and auto prop what else would I need ? ?? I know il have to sort the mount out on the rear , will the 3500s pressure plate and flywheel work with an sd1 friction plate ? Thanks all
  9. Paulcovy

    Lt77 Gearbox

    hi all just putting the feelers out just in case , Has anyone got an lt77 Gearbox for sale even a knacker that needs a rebuild , Thanks
  10. Paulcovy

    Power steering pump required v8

    hi all I’m after a power steering pump and condition considered Thanks
  11. Paulcovy

    Gear box whine

    hi all My 4 speed Manual box whines when driving and stationary but goes away (quiet) when you apply the clutch , Any suggestions ? I have replaced all the main bearings except the needle rollers and the really expensive one at the back Thanks
  12. Paulcovy

    Sill covers

    hi all My nearside silk cover seems to have a large gap from the sill cover and the bottom of the doors , is this normal? The offside is a nice fit but the offside seems to fit to close to the sill and to far away from the bottom of the doors ? Any one have a similar issue ? And how to get...
  13. Paulcovy

    Rear window brackets

    H all have removed my rear window to carry out some welding repairs to the base unit .... however when removing the screen have noticed the brackets securing the window have mostly rotted away as have the metal strip that sits on the bottom of the window ..... does anyone have any half decent...
  14. Paulcovy

    Power steering pump v8

    hi all has anyone got a power steering pump for a p6 v8 .... even if it needs rebuilding mine is noisey .... many thanks
  15. Paulcovy

    Front lamp assembly

    Hi all after a front lamp with or with out lenses as mines a rotter many thanks
  16. Paulcovy

    Squeak when running new cam and lifters

    Hi all recently fired up my newly built engine and after about 10 minutes idling it has developed a squeak I have disconnected the belts to isolate them and they are fine ... I've removed the nearside rocker cover and. The noise seems to be coming from around that area ... I have read elsewhere...
  17. Paulcovy

    Oil pressure gauge reading 0

    hi all I've recently rebuilt my v8 new shells piston rings cam lifters push rods ect .... finally got around to starting it for the first time ... I primed the pump before hand until the oil lamp went out and I could see oil had filled into the rocker box... as it fired up I was expecting the...
  18. Paulcovy

    4 speed rear mount in manual conversion

    Hi all I've just fitted the 4 speed box into my p6,it was an auto but am in the middle of a conversion.I have the original 4 speed gearbox mounting but it doesn't line up with any of the mounting holes? What is the best way to combat this ? Many thanks
  19. Paulcovy

    Clutch master location for conversion

    hi all I've recently got hold of a 3500s pedal box and master cylinder bracket for my manual conversion.Looking through the manual i see the master is bolted externally and a lever from the pedal comes through the bulkhead ?is this correct?any tips on how to mount it as the fuel reserve tap...
  20. Paulcovy

    3500s clutch master mount

    has anyone got one of these for sale?Many thanks
  21. Paulcovy

    Engine cams and compression ratios

    hi all started my v8 up on Saturday after noon only for it to cut out .... after removing the starter Motor and other things I deduced the engine had locked up ..... after removing the heads and sump I found that the big ends have picked up and locked the engine due to oil starvation .... so I'm...
  22. Paulcovy

    3500s pedal box !!!

    In need of a pedal box for a v8 manual any of you splendid chaps help a brother out....many thanks
  23. Paulcovy

    4 speed manual conversion

    hi all took a punt on a 4 speed manual box on eBay was a good idea at the time and I'd really like to make my p6 manual.. however now it's sunk in I'm going to need a load of other bits .. the gear selector for example flywheel clutch Pedel slave etc.. has anyone else done this conversion...
  24. Paulcovy

    Rear calipers

    has anyone got a near side rear calliper for sale? For rebuild is fine ... mines got a broken bit from some ham fisted previous bodger thanks
  25. Paulcovy

    Rear crossmember bushes

    does any know where I can get a pair? I've look about on the net and unless there called something odd I can't seem to find them ... Any help chaps?