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  1. 1967p6

    2000sc big end shells

    Hi has anyone got a set of standard size big end shells for a 1967 2000sc. Standard size. Also any other surplus bits to aid my restoration
  2. 1967p6

    Brake master cylinder p6 - land rover

    Hi I was wondering if there is a difference between a p6 2000 brake master cylinder and a landrover equvalent. Eg bore size ect?
  3. 1967p6

    Air filter sticker

    Hi does anybody have a pic of the sticker on the air filter box of a 1967 2000 SC its the blue and white one that ends in "for servicing of element in accordance with vehicle hand book" mines almost non existent now.
  4. 1967p6

    Repair panels

    Hi has anyone got any repair panels that are surplus to requirements, my series one has decided to dissolve itself and I'm trying my best to stick it back together. I'm happily making my own but at this rate it'll take some time to re-build it. plus I'm going deaf from all the tin bashing I'm...
  5. 1967p6

    restoring a 1967 series 1 2000

    hi thought you might like to see the P6 Im currently restoring. I haven't owned a classic for quite some time so I thought I would take the plunge on an old P6. its in a remarkably original condition and has only covered 68000 miles from new. its really solid in some areas but rotted out in...
  6. 1967p6

    new member 1967 2000

    Hi all ive just bought a 1967 p6 2000 to restore, its in great condition in some areas but rotted out on the 'D' posts, so I have some welding to keep me quiet over the winter. Does anybody have any factory pictures of these areas so I can replicate the panels and finish. Any thing would be a...