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    These guys probably made the original mirrors, have a look and see if any of their mirror heads will fix to your re chromed stems. Tex Automotive Ltd.- Classic Exterior Mirrors
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    Heater not getting hot

    Good tip Mike The part I bought is new, but a test makes sense.
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    Heater not getting hot

    I just bought one of these to build up a spare heater box ready to go in. Got some 3mm foam from the NEC show in November. Box is now together and ready to go in. Heater Matrix Rover P6 Demisterman
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    New member

    Welcome They'll keep you busy :)
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    My 3500S Restoration Project

    Before pulling the motor …….. Clutch judder is usually oil contamination, why not buy a can of aerosol brake cleaner with a straw and see if you can spray the clutch through the bellhousing, either through the clutch fork hole or elsewhere. If it is a main seal weeping, it may get better when...
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    Getting back on the road

    It is becoming clearer to me the more rebuilt engines I have experience with the importance of bedding the rings in from the get go. I now run the motors on the road right up to max torque rpm quick and hard, and then change down a gear and let the car push the engine, repeat a few times and...
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    Getting back on the road

    Sounds like you have cracked it !
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    Rear Brake Calipers Removal

    Oh how apt this thread is for me. I have just moved the car in the garage and discovered a pool of brake fluid under the rear of the car. When I re commissioned the car in Jan 2016 one of the rear caliper's had a pitted hydraulic bore, I cleaned it up and fitted new seals, it has held until now...
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    Differential Backlash

    Hey do you need some driveshaft U/J's ? I have two new ones from WINS that I did not use when doing mine, still in wrappers, cost 50 quid delivered, will cut you a deal if you want them. Your lash does not sound too bad.
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    Pendelican White - an idle thought.

    I watched a programme on the telly last night about the building of the Parthenon, does that count ?
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    The View From The Windscreen

    Fantastic video, just like being there.
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    1 1/2 Early V8's on ebay

    Fibreglass wings can...… with work be made to fit well, and then look good. My wings came from Fibreglass Classic car panels. Hardtops for Triumph and MG They did indeed need work to get right, which I did before cutting most away. If I had a stock P6 that needed 4 wings and wanted a no rot...
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    Needles and mixture - 3.9 l

    Good to hear some feedback on this. It would be very useful to have a sticky or library post under carbs/ fuel that people could post their engine spec and resulting needle selection, that way folks who are modding can get an idea of a base setting.
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    Decent air compressor manifolds

    Maybe transplant the kit from the old compressor ?
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    My Rover

    Nice work Everyone likes a happy ending.
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    Restomod P4

    Welcome Looks to be a great project ! Keep the pics coming, and bung a LOAD of stuff in the P4 section of the site...…….. it's a bit quiet down there :)
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Not quibbling about the car in question or its credentials, but from what I have seen of the UK Rover P6 collective I would say most of them would do 1000 miles with no trouble at all. I would be very miffed if I thought mine would not do so, in fact I don't think I would want it around if it...
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    My Rover

    Glad there was no other damage. Are you going to go up a size on the studs and bolts whilst you have it on the bench ?
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    Merry Christmas and a happy New year.

    Merry Christmas Rich. Take the rest of the day off, on full pay !:)
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    My 3500S Restoration Project

    Great stuff. A spring time push will see you out and about next year.
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    You may have more success with a working second hand OEM part than a new one. Mine failed and the new replacement was 'not suitable' I borrowed a mechanical piped gauge and screwed into the pump in place of the low pressure light switch, then fitted a second hand electrical sender unit and fine...
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    I always have good luck with this stuff used sparingly on cork gaskets. as you say don't overtighten the screws. Permatex The Right Stuff Black One Minute Gasket Seal Maximum Oil Resistance | eBay
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    Well that worked
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    Thank you Rich.