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    I think they were Wingard mirrors . Not sure if any replicas made
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    Differential Backlash

    If they have come loose and been hitting the axle case I am sure they would experience bending and shear and ultimately break.
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    Land Rover 1948 to 54 used the same engine block & filter . Series one Land Rover Club (LRSOC) does one Club Shop Home LR0013 and Flexolite used to do one but cannot see it in their catalogue anymore. Also look at the Forums of the LRSOC and Rover Sports Register, they have many members in...
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    Differential Backlash

    I had the Diff bevel gear cross shaft come loose & break on my Land Rover , punched a hole in the axles case. fortunately replaced under warranty
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    Restomod P4

    I might have the wiring diagram somewhere, I will have a look to see if I can find it , I sold my P4 some years ago but still have the switch lurking about as I never got round to changing it.
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    Suspension Failure

    Sorry All, my apologies, misread the Parts book RTC9844CA dated May 1979. GHF 331 x 16 is a spring washer . Getting my Unipart numbers mixed up.
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    Restomod P4

    One can make the wipers into two speed ones version with a different switch & keep the parking function.
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    P6 3500 is back firing

    Check the distributer cap is not tracking/cracked between two adjacent plug leads. Seen that a few times, usually on the inside, in the early days. Engine can then try to fire at same time on opposite banks, giving a backfire, knocking and all sorts of other effects
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    Suspension Failure

    I definitely wouldn't have used star washers as they can relax in use and loosen. According to my parts list for the 2200, no washers are listed and that corresponds with modern practise .
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    New Distributor, won't run for long

    Is it the right coil to go with the electronic distributer .also the V8 originally had a ballasted coil running at a lower voltage. When you say a new electronic distributer , did it replace a points one, if so is the distributer wired up correctly?
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    My 3500S Restoration Project

    I agree bite size chunks is the way to go . I was once rebuilding a Morris Minor and lost motivation after taking the whole thing apart and had a garage full of bits , so much so that I couldn't get round the car to work on it. Eventually I sold it as a Kit! Take lots of pictures and bag and...
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    Replacement for ac11 alternator

    Glad you found the problem and posted the fact. Alternators can easily be damaged if not wired up properly.
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    Replacement for ac11 alternator

    Rovers North - Land Rover Parts and Accessories Since 1979 The one shown can be altered for fitting Right hand or left hand if its wrong for the P6 . No idea if its a good price in US!
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    Replacement for ac11 alternator

    18ACR off a 2200
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    Mark Not far from the Metro stops then! Derek
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    Yes, explorer.
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    Nice clear layout , but one thing ,which is not peculiar to this forum , is that I cannot upload pictures using Outlook, but can from Chrome.
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    What are the correct colour wires to connect coil

    I would think white / black trace to coil negative and white/ yellow trace to coil positive,
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    Rear seat belts

    As fitting front belts were only compulsory in the UK from late 60's, rears in 1986, I think you are right that very few would have been ordered with rear belts from the factory . In fact initially it was not even compulsory for new cars to have belts fitted by the manufacturer, it was only...
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    1968 Rover 2000 SC in Zircon Blue

    For info I had a set of belts made up for my P4 by Quickfit Safety Belts Service using my old buckles and with grey webbing Seat Belt Repairs | Seat Belt Replacement | Seat Belt Refurbishment Quick Fit SBS Ltd They are qualified to check whether old buckles etc. are safe to use.
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    Window Wiper cable

    Holden do a new spare , £12 plus VAT & carriage. Rack for Wiper Motor for vintage & classic cars Defender one will do if its long enough , just cut to length, a cutting disc is best
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    Getting back on the road

    Koenigs Klassik radios is the place to go for historic Becker and Blaupunkt radios Startseite I had a beautiful one from them for my P4 and they rebuilt a valve one for me to go in a 1947 P2 and at the time it was half the price of a UK supplier.
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    Revitalised Wiper Delay

    If I understand you correctly,the square end of the flexible rack has a hole in it and the crank arm has a pin which fits in the hole so that it will push and pull the rack backwards and forwards. If the square end of the rack is slotted into the motor 90 degree out, one cannot see the hole.
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    Oil pressure gauge question

    I believe the one with green /red band was to pacify owners of V8's who were worried that 30psi or lower when running seemed too low compared with what they were used too on most engines ,say a 2ooo which runs at 50/60 psi. Smiths specifically stated their aftermarket 0-100 psi gauges were not...