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  1. Thijs Leuven

    Dutch Rover 2200TC

    I already had quite extensive rust repair done on my car. Both sills and part of the floor have been changed around 2011. This is why I was hoping to find nothing major and this news kinda s*cks! So I can fully understand finding a rust free car was a must for you. The good news? The sills are...
  2. Thijs Leuven

    Dutch Rover 2200TC

    We know a couple of people that can weld too, they might help get us started... :)
  3. Thijs Leuven

    Dutch Rover 2200TC

    Oh dear me... Ouch... by T Leuven, on Flickr Nothing wrong with a bit of ventilation. But I prefer just looking at the top of my carpet, not the underside. Turns out my car has a couple of rust spots, of which this one is the worst. It's the footwell of the drivers side (left side in this...
  4. Thijs Leuven

    Dutch Rover 2200TC

    The Rover has been moved! Went way better than expected. No seized up brakes, all tyres still had some air in them (who would've thought that) which means it was easy-peasy getting it out of the garage box. Had some help of my dad and younger brother, and hired a bloke with a proper trailer...
  5. Thijs Leuven

    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Very, very, very, very cool... :cool:
  6. Thijs Leuven

    Dutch Rover 2200TC

    As I just mentioned, in july, progress is slooooow... Good news however. My parents moved to a house with a much bigger garage. This means there's room for a Rover, next to my dad's Lotus. :cool: We'll move the car early-mid january. In february I have two weeks off (left over holidays, I'm...
  7. Thijs Leuven

    P6b stored for 21 years

    Hallo Dion! (apologies for this little Dutch meeting here :p ) Zie het nu ook in je onderschrift staan. Woon zelf in Maastricht, kom niet zo heel vaak in regio Tilburg maar mocht het gebeuren dan laat ik iets van me weten. Vice versa geldt hetzelfde! Mijn auto heeft ook wat werk nodig (o.a...
  8. Thijs Leuven

    P6b stored for 21 years

    Lovely project! Where in The Netherlands do you live? Interesting guy to contact with any questions is Johan Lowik from Classic Rover (, knowledgeable and friendly.
  9. Thijs Leuven

    1968 Rover 2000 SC in Zircon Blue

    That looks smart, nice!
  10. Thijs Leuven

    Engine mounts (4-cyl)

    These offer free shipping to the Netherlands. Should work as well I suppose? :) Car Engine Mounting Febi Bilstein New genuine OE Quality Service Part No 15928 | eBay
  11. Thijs Leuven

    Fall drive

    Just about perfect, wow! :)
  12. Thijs Leuven

    1967 2000TC on Car & Classic

    I don't want to sound annoying, but I think using better pictures of your car will increase you're chance of selling it there. The pics you're using now are rather low on resolution and the lighintg seems off in a few (too bright). Some more detail shots of the car would be nice as well. It...
  13. Thijs Leuven

    1957 P4 in Sussex

    That's just lovely! Welcome to the forum. :)
  14. Thijs Leuven

    After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....

    Better not place that out of context... :p @PepijnWK: Nice job!
  15. Thijs Leuven

    Oil drainage after resting

    Could be, we're talking about the 4-pot here. :)
  16. Thijs Leuven

    After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....

    Really? It's been some time since I bled the brakes on mine (couple of years), so I could very well be mistaken! Anyone else? :)
  17. Thijs Leuven

    After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....

    When you're doing it with two people, it's managable without any fancy goodies. But the rear brakes still are a pain in the a$$... I start with the left rear one, after that the right rear one. On the front it doesn't really matter I think.
  18. Thijs Leuven

    New Member from Thailand

    Lovely car and an amazing story!
  19. Thijs Leuven


    Black with white, no doubt!
  20. Thijs Leuven

    Goodwood Revival

    Lovely! My dad's there as well, in his yellow/orange Lotus Elan +2. Looks like greaet weather, always a great event. :)
  21. Thijs Leuven

    After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....

    Apparantly you need to apply the handbrake many many times to adjust it. Have fun. ;)