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  1. sdibbers

    Engine out.

    On the gear selector: When under the car make sure the selector finger is in neutral manually push the reverse selector rod forwards into the gearbox (it’s the one with the plate that activates the reverse light switch on the right hand side). Now rotate the shift rod to that side so the finger...
  2. sdibbers

    Annoying random dog toy like squeak from the OSF inner wing area ...grrrr....

    Also check the clamp bolts for the anti roll bar, that can make some odd noises if it’s loose.
  3. sdibbers

    Thanks for the addition

    Hi Wazzak (great username BTW!). Welcome, got any photos of the work you’ve done on the hot rod?
  4. sdibbers

    Rover V8 British Leyland quality control

    This was something that Toyota and Honda later championed, but it’s such a good way of using the specialised knowledge of the guys on the shop floor. The whole negative note at first made me cringe, but I guess that was a hint of the time it was made?
  5. sdibbers

    Carpet fitting...

    Yes, pretty sure it was champagne beige when I got it. It’s held up very well in the intervening five years of use.
  6. sdibbers

    Carpet fitting...

    Not sure if this will help, but this is the start of my thread section on replacing the carpets. I found some rust that needed repairs and added modern sound proofing materials (worth the trouble and expense in my opinion). Getting back on the road (from post #168) In my case I got the carpet...
  7. sdibbers

    Piper Cams fast road reprofile review.

    Realised I’d posted a lot of this a while back. But the last bit shows my impressions after a few months of motoring with it. Excuse my terrible memory!
  8. sdibbers

    Piper Cams fast road reprofile review.

    Back in late April I fitted the Piper cams reprofiled fast road camshaft. You supply a good standard camshaft to Piper in Folkstone, they take it, check it to make sure it’s up to the job then reprofile to give 10.41mm lift and 260° duration for both inlet and exhaust. This is over the original...
  9. sdibbers

    trying to get an carfax on my car

    I think carfax only works on more modern cars with a standard vin number. Records wouldn’t go back far enough for it to be worthwhile on a P6.
  10. sdibbers

    Selector rod bushes

    Although mine is a series one gearbox it uses the same selector finger. I made a brass tip to sort the shift quality (amongst other bits. Makes for almost a short shift feel when done.
  11. sdibbers

    Spring manufacturers

    Where are you located Lewis?
  12. sdibbers

    Hello from Northants

    I’m sure one of the others here might have some recommendations on P6 friendly mechanics near you (I’m 3400 miles away!)
  13. sdibbers

    Temp gauge Series 1 3500 oddness...

    Poor quality parts are worst! Seems to be everywhere. Even our modern car, a 2008 Saab 9-3 fuel pump failed after less than a year. $400 plus a day of my time dropping the fuel tank wasted.
  14. sdibbers

    Hello from Northants

    Hi! Great looking car! Thanks for sharing pics. Before you attempt adjustment check the ball joints, suspension bushes etc. if those are worn it will be impossible to align or hold in a straight line (ask me how I know!). On alignment: I’ve used the spirit level app on my phone to check...
  15. sdibbers

    Starting problems

    But to my original point, a lack of oil won’t effect starting.
  16. sdibbers

    Getting back on the road

    Little update. Now I have the camshaft in and running nicely. I had to change the spec plate on the valve cover of course :). Having a thing for brass on aluminium of course I had to make it brass didn’t I? One plus from the new cam is fuel consumption seems to have reduced (even when I...
  17. sdibbers

    @Bill Wardlow I think he’s ok. This is a thread from 2016.

    @Bill Wardlow I think he’s ok. This is a thread from 2016.
  18. sdibbers

    New, but old

    Very! Do you know Dermot Harvey? He is based in Rockland County NY and is a big Rover guy. Very sweet chap.
  19. sdibbers

    New, but old

    Hi Bill, good to see. Where in NJ were you based? I'm in the Montclair area.
  20. sdibbers

    Starting problems

    The damper only does something when the car is being driven. It slows dropping of the piston due a sudden change in manifold pressure, replacing an accelerator pump on conventional carbs.
  21. sdibbers

    1964 French "Sharks Tooth" 2000

    That’s the worst ball joint to seize too! Glad your perseverance paid off. As for ignition problems: I believe the 64 ‘should’ be ballasted. Easy way to check: turn engine by hand (or put in forth gear and push) with the distributor cap off. Make sure points are closed. Now turn on ignition and...
  22. sdibbers

    Getting back on the road

    @cobraboy was kind enough to offer his LHD steering box to me when I was home visiting family in March. Today I finally had time to fit it. I’m fairly sure it’s a manual 3500 box. But it has the same number of turns as the original 2000 box. Just with a steel lid and, I notice, no play at any...
  23. sdibbers

    Gear Stick Gator

    That seems off to me. Third is a longer stretch for the gaiter than 1st or second. My guess is the gate is improperly adjusted and the reverse lockout is hitting it just before the 1/2 plane is aligned. Remove the centre console: (1) Remove both ashtrays (2) Remove speaker grille in centre...
  24. sdibbers

    Lt77 speedo drive woes

    As @jp928 pointed out I posted in the wrong thread. Too many spinning plates in my head! This is interesting. Maybe an alternative option? Speedometer Cables USA - Gear Box Adapters
  25. sdibbers

    P6B S Project Car

    Duh! Yep.