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  1. quattro

    Gearbox Identification wantwd

    It looks like o ne, but can you take a picture further back, so you can get the whole thing in, and also from in front so we can see the bell housing? This is an LT77 If you also take a picture of the code underneath - like this one, it would help
  2. quattro

    Rover V8 British Leyland quality control

    Or the use of a shift key :)
  3. quattro

    Heater problems

    I managed to get an air block in the heater radiator once. I made sure that the system wasn't pressurised then eased the top heater hose off, and got someone to start the engine. Hold the hose so that any water coming out goes into the hose, to reduce the mess as much as possible, then wait...
  4. quattro

    Hello folks...

    I thought it Sparky for a moment :oops: Nice looking car
  5. quattro

    rev counter

    Hi John, I have moved your thread to the P6 electrics section, you may get a better response here.
  6. quattro

    Body colours

    Here's some to peruse
  7. quattro

    Rear Suspension

    Were the rear springs the same length as the old ones? Was the car sitting on its wheels when you torqued up the suspension bolts?
  8. quattro

    P6 Towbar

    The last pic of JP's above, is where your overriders need to be .
  9. quattro

    P6 Towbar

    I believe the standard bars, like TRMs do fit, but you have to move the overriders to the other side of the bumper bracket so they are further out on the bumper. Some people are ok with this look, but it may be an idea that you try to move them to see if you like it, before fitting a tow bar...
  10. quattro

    P6 Towbar

    I really cannot see how that would fit on a P6
  11. quattro

    P6 Towbar

    Hi Gordon, welcome to the forum I have moved your post to the 'wanted' section as you will get more luck there. There are a few different tow bars that fit, but this is the common one Richard
  12. quattro

    Totally non-Rover related post. Hope that's ok.

    Mine's a little oversized but I have managed to fill it up with stuff since this picture was taken :)
  13. quattro

    P6 Bonnet Badge

    Looks like an SD1 badge to me I have moved your thread as you keep posting in the, "The Rover P6 Club" section.
  14. quattro

    Two sunroof panels, one metal one fabric in need of repair, free if collected for SE2

    I'd love the one on the right but SE2 is way out of my range, can you ship? Richard
  15. quattro

    Binding brakes

    Have a looksie here - Brake Servo overhaul
  16. quattro

    Steel Wheel Rims

    Yes, inwards not 4" out. I had 30 offset minilites on mine with 185 tyres, but when I fitted to 40 offset Vitesse wheels with 205 tyres, the outside of the tyre was in the same place? The inside was 20 mm further in though.
  17. quattro

    Austin Rover has been sold

    Yep, buy the expertise of making a mini, then turn it into the size of a Range Rover.
  18. quattro

    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    They were indeed, it says HRC2201 8E 704 on them
  19. quattro

    Has anyone installed a powerline starter motor to a Rover V8 engine in a P6?

    The White/Brown wire is only live when the engine is cranking so you could just connect it to the White/Yellow wire to give 12V at the coil when cranking, BUT the normal coil feed will come back down the White/Yellow wire and may (probably will) keep the relay charged, and therefore the starter...
  20. quattro

    Eyesight test

  21. quattro

    What is the best order in which to disassemble the body parts?

    Be aware that the bootlid is easily damaged. When you undo the bolts, do not let it rest on the hinges as it will dent.
  22. quattro

    Has anyone installed a powerline starter motor to a Rover V8 engine in a P6?

    Great news If you feel the coil needs that boost during starting, I can work out how to get 12V to it, with a relay or something.
  23. quattro

    Has anyone installed a powerline starter motor to a Rover V8 engine in a P6?

    The trigger wire is the White one with the brown stripe, connect this to the spade on the new starter. This will spin the starter when you turn your key. The White wire with the yellow stripe goes to the coil to give it 12V when the starter is spinning to give you a better spark.
  24. quattro

    Thank you

    Brace yourself Rodney :)