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  1. dmblbit

    Rover stuff

    2018 birthday cake made by my son's fiancée. Serious skills!
  2. dmblbit

    New shock absorbers all round

    Have replaced all four 47 year old shocks with pretty blue GAZ adjustable ones. Having read some of the previous threads on this topic I bought 5mm stainless steel marine quality split pins ( to retain the bottom bushes in the front ones. Getting them on was a nightmare...
  3. dmblbit

    Window frame pan head screws

    Refurbishing the driver's side front door, and have pretty much destroyed the four pan head phillips screws that hold the font and back of the frame in place. Is there any technical/engineering reason for using these pan headed screws, and is it OK to replace them with ordinary hexagon head bolts?
  4. dmblbit

    V8 automatic - no third gear - intermittent reverse

    Poor old car refuses to change up into third gear. Reverse works OK when cold, but won't work when car is warm (which can be awkward). Have checked fluid level using Harvey's recommended method, and fluid is halfway between the two markers. Not sure whether to try putting more in or not...
  5. dmblbit

    Inner wing seals

    Have purchased new inner wing seals from Wins, which clip very neatly over the inner wing edges. Do I also need to glue them in place, or is it safe to just clip them on?
  6. dmblbit

    Bumper iron anomaly

    I am in the process of replacing my bent and droopy front bumper with another (better, but not perfect). On the passenger side the bumper iron doesn't reach the bumper. Short by about 3/4". I'm assuming the iron was bent when the bumper was damaged, but just wanted to check before attempting...
  7. dmblbit

    Stainless steel nuts and bolts

    Is it OK to replace the 9/16" AF nuts and bolts which hold the front bumper irons to the chassis with stainless steel ones? I thought I'd heard somewhere that the SS ones are not as strong?
  8. dmblbit

    Windscreen trim anomaly

    The stainless steel trim bits seem to be poking out more than they should in the top corner, leaving a gap between trim and rubber. Does any one know what's happened here please? Is this a trim issue or a windscreen fitting issue, or is something else more sinister going on? Thanks in advance...
  9. dmblbit

    Lunar Grey bonnet from 2000 P6

    I have a Lunar Grey bonnet from my father in law's 2 litre P6. It's been stored in the shed for over 20 years. It has he sound proofing, retaining wires, prop. Badge is in poor condition - split down the middle, and perspex going milky. Paint peeling in loads of places as you might expect...
  10. dmblbit

    Boot light

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but can anyone tell me where I should find the wire that attaches to this black and purple spade connection, which I am pretty sure feeds the boot light.
  11. dmblbit

    Can he fix it? Yes he can!

    Finally come to the realisation that I don't have the skills or resources to deal with this beauty, so off we go to Colin Gould (Kingsdown Classics) to see what he thinks about it. As it turns out there's not much (if anything) on a P6 that he can't do (cills made of Weetabix included!), so the...
  12. dmblbit

    A bad day with throttle pedals and heater boxes

    Last year having read one of the "carburettor tuning" threads, I bought one of those neat little grommets from Ian to close up the hole in the floor around the throttle linkage, and decided to fit it today. The nuts on the bracket under the heater box were seized solid, and the bracket was...
  13. dmblbit

    Carbs and rockers and other conundrums

    Apologies for lucky dip of topics. 1. Trying to test brake performance in driveway, but car won't accelerate. Ignition timing checked out ok. Inspection of plugs reveals some are sooty black and some are not, so I suspected one of the carbs not getting as much fuel as the other. However, my...
  14. dmblbit

    Rear disc retaining bolts

    We are doing brakes. Have refurbished servo, front calipers, rear calipers, successfully replaced both front discs and the near-side rear one so getting near the end and feeling confident about the last one. Pride cometh before a fall. Two of the bolts came undone - they really didn't want to...
  15. dmblbit

    V8 brake servo shambles

    Cleverly saving money by purchasing replacement servo unit on ebay. How frugal - well done me. However, upon dismantlement (new word!) it appears the piston is seized solid inside the cylinder. Pin that holds arm to piston bent in half on first attempt to remove. All attempts at twisting...
  16. dmblbit

    Carburettor incompetence

    I am sure no-one else would make this stupid mistake, but just in case . . . . . I decided to service the HiF6's and went to the SU Carb site to order the parts. Ordered two service kits, two new needles and two new floats. When I come to service the right hand side carb the float chamber...
  17. dmblbit

    Leaking core plug

    Deep sigh. Leaking reserve tap successfully reassembled and working, but while messing about with it, noticed green water leaking from above the starter motor. Removed motor. I was expecting to see a core plug seeping around the edges, and hoping to resolve with a gentle tap or two, but the core...
  18. dmblbit

    Leaking reserve tap

    Aaaaaaaargh. Just as everything was going so well (still elated from working tachometer), I have just noticed the bulkhead mounted reserve tap is leaking precious golden fluid all over the back of the engine and the drive. No smokers in the family, but still a potential fire hazard - eeek! - It...
  19. dmblbit

    Carburettor needles

    Am about to purchase service kits for the HiF6 carbs from those nice people at SU. It seems a bit mean spirited to do this without also replacing floats and needles, but they offer a range "upgrade" needles. Is it correct that I just need the standard one? BBG: .100" Jet Needle (Spring) What...
  20. dmblbit


    Sorry folks; I know this topic has been done to death here in several other threads, but I need to check. I have bought replacement gauges from Dave in the isle of Wight, and the tach has 2 connections instead of the three that are on mine (November 1972 model). Based on my study of the forum, I...
  21. dmblbit

    V8 spins too slowly to start

    One of my V8s has been laid up with the heads off for approaching 12 years. I have finally got around to putting it back together, but it won't start. Engine spins very slowly. I have swapped the starter motor with the other car - both starters work fine on the runner. So, I now suspect the oil...
  22. dmblbit

    What's better than a V8 - two V8s of course

    Hi. I've just joined as I'm going to need some help. I've got two 1972 Rover P6 V8s - one Almond one Tobacco Leaf. Neither is roadworthy. Almond runs beautifully. Tobacco Leaf has been sitting for about 12 years with heads off and having finally been reassembled won't start. Long term objective...