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  1. Chalky

    Tinkling sound

    Tinkling chain is normally the top chain. Have you checked the guaze filter under the banjo bolt on the timing chain oil feed. Could also be stuck top chain tensioner or broken top chain guide. Chain can make this noise on start up but stops after a few seconds when oil pressure builds.
  2. Chalky

    Rolling road and carb setup

    Distributer doctor google it.
  3. Chalky

    Flicking ammeter

    Have you checked the battery post connector in the drivers footwell. ?
  4. Chalky

    Coolant Capacity?

    That’s for a v8. Don’t need to do that on a 4 pot. You’ve got an air lock. Run engine until stat opens with rad cap off.keep revs at around 1500 rpm topping up coolant to just under rad filler. Put cap on. Let off revs. They normally push a drop out at first when you use car but will find its...
  5. Chalky

    engine oils

    Just checked. Price now £52 for 25l. Contains 1500 zddp.
  6. Chalky

    engine oils

    I use rye oils 20w50 which has zddp paid £50 for 25 litres delivered
  7. Chalky

    Brakes Servo Vacuum

    If it has changed the braking I would still suspect it. Might be worth taking it apart and checking the diaphragm. The light could be a sodden cork float in reservoir cap, a duff handbrake light switch or a short somewhere.
  8. Chalky

    Brakes Servo Vacuum

    Right it’s the air admittance valve. The white flying saucer looking thing prize off small cap catching spring as it pops out. Wd40 on plastic sliding bit make sure it slides in and out. Stretch spring a bit put it back and try brakes.
  9. Chalky

    HIF fuel issue

    You’re welcome. Great news!
  10. Chalky

    HIF fuel issue

    If choke o rings are leaking will over fuel when hot.
  11. Chalky

    HIF fuel issue

    Did you renew the choke seals?
  12. Chalky

    Condenser issues

    Fit electronic ignition. Points and condensers are rubbish nowadays.
  13. Chalky

    engine number

    They are all grooved for 2200 engines. Did my 2200tc last year Got mine from f w Thorntons.
  14. Chalky


    I was joking
  15. Chalky


    The taller spring goes on the drivers side to compensate for the weight of the driver as most journeys are made without passengers.
  16. Chalky

    Clutch trouble!

    Wouldn’t call that premature. Depends a lot on the driver some are hard on clutches others not so. Might not be the original clutch.
  17. Chalky

    Clutch trouble!

    Deffo needs new clutch. Classic symptoms. Renew the complete clutch and thrust bearing.
  18. Chalky

    Door glass seals / rubbers

    Kingsdown garage tel 01367244646
  19. Chalky

    Unobtainable parts

    Seat foam was originally dunlopillow. Upholsterers can replicate the same “feel” with modern foams.
  20. Chalky

    Door glass seals / rubbers

    Colin Gould does them better than original with metal inserts and brilliant fit no cutting.
  21. Chalky

    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    That’s why you had to pay ulez
  22. Chalky

    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    Needs to be classed as an historic vehicle on the v5.
  23. Chalky

    MOT exempt

    Good write up. Would make a useful sticky for new buyers.
  24. Chalky

    LED headlight conversion

    They draw much less power so good for old wiring and the headlights pull less through the fuse box so less chance of a meltdown.
  25. Chalky

    bought this car Yesterday

    You don’t know how good an insurance company is until you make a claim unfortunately