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  1. corazon

    You don't see these everyday

    This might be of interest to somebody restoring. Genuine Rover Inner Chassis Rail closing panel (from back seats to boot) I've never seen one for sale, but this part of the car usually doesn't take the brunt of the corrosion. Useful for a rear ended crash damage repair perhaps Rover P6/P6B...
  2. corazon

    Jasic 450 inverter expert multi process

    3 Phase multi process welding set. This is the top of the range from Jasic and just over 6 months old- verified by pat test sticker. As shown it was bought from SPA welding in Lancing, but I acquired it through a liquidation of a large steel company with the intention of keeping it. I don’t...
  3. corazon

    Electrohydraulic Rebar Cutter

    Diamond DC-25X, electrohydraulic Rebar cutter. These are around £2000 new. Will cut upto 25mm bar neatly and safely with no heat. 110v. £450
  4. corazon

    Custom polished Lucas A127 70A Alternator

    Custom Polished Lucas A127 70A Alternator for Rover V8 applications, show cars, hotrods etc. I had plans to use with my 4.6 P6 build but have decided I need more amps so my hard work is up for sale. Can be used with V belt or Serpentine front ends with your choice of pulley, I can include a...
  5. corazon

    SD1 Vitesse wheels black and polished

    Hi all, The time has come to pass on my vitesse wheels. I refurbished these 7 or 8 years ago, fully polishing the lips and etch primer/gloss black on the rest of the wheels, inside and out. They come with centre caps, original nuts and flush fit valves (adapter and 4x new seals included)...
  6. corazon

    Trailing arm front bush diameters

    So I've been reminded today that there are 2 sizes of front bush, and 2 sizes of trailing arm front eyes. When/why did the arm change? I always presumed series 2 V8 cars would have the larger items. My car is a '72 V8 and has the smaller version, and it is significantly smaller. Will the larger...
  7. corazon

    Anybody selling a car rotator/rotisserie/spinner etc

    I'm looking into buying a car rotator soon to aid in repairing and spraying my base unit fully in epoxy, if anyone has one they are looking to move on please let me know. I'm in West Sussex but would drive a fair few miles to pick one up of the price was right. Jim
  8. corazon

    Some V8 parts for sale

    I have various parts now surplus to requirements from my 72 v8 auto All parts were working as they should when I took the car off the road around 3 years ago. Everything has either been upgraded or replaced with a custom item so are no longer needed. I'll add some photos later, send me offers on...
  9. corazon

    DG Classics

    Thought I should announce that as of a few weeks ago I no longer do any work for DG Classics. I would take on the occasional Rover job personally such as rear brakes for example, plus any polishing work anyone requires of course, however I will have minimal time over the summer due to new job...
  10. corazon

    Ambla Seats Wanted, Trade for Bronze Leather Flat Pleat Set?

    I'd like to trade my Bronze leather early series 2 flat pleat seats for a set of preferably black good condition ambla box or flat pleat seats, I'm leaning toward the box pleat. The driver's seat has some minor damage, very good overall aged patina if you like that sort of thing.. If anyone is...
  11. corazon

    Dunlop replacement calipers

    I just stumbled upon these guys whilst searching the UK for stainless pistons for my series 2 XJ Jag rear calipers ( nobody in the UK does them as far as I can tell, only US and AUS!) This company might be useful for early P6 owners, as I know the cost of the dunlop brakes can be insanely high...
  12. corazon

    Offenhauser 5189 Valve Covers

    If anyone has a pair of Offenhauser rocker/valve covers knocking around or knows anyone who might, I'm looking for some for my project. Any condition considered, within reason :lol: Offy part number 5189 for Buick/Rover V8 I'm loathe to buy them new at the price they are, a cheap used pair in...
  13. corazon

    Simple German custom

  14. corazon

    Very Low Mileage Refurbished High Flow 3500 Auto Radiator

    I'm upgrading my radiator to a bigger alloy one for my 4.6 conversion so mine is now surplus to requirements. It was re-cored by Guildford Radiators a couple of years ago with a high flow 2 row core, apparently superior to a standard 3 row. Paint is still very good, no problems at all with...
  15. corazon

    Damaged Series 1 bonnet Wanted

    If anyone has a dented/bent/rotten/damaged series 1 bonnet that they're not sure what to do with, don't scrap it, I might be interested! The only stipulation is it must be sound and straight from front to back in the centre portion, between the two outer raised lips Thanks Jim
  16. corazon

    Equus Bass 770

    Being a non watcher of programmes such as top gear, I've only just discovered this car. Based on a 60s fastback mustang, a modern luxury muscle car off the shelf for $250,000, powered by a corvette LS9 6.2-liter supercharged V8. This short film shows it off rather nicely...
  17. corazon

    Any interest in a polished valve/rocker cover

    Hi everyone, I'm going through my parts to sell currently and have decided to polish a 2000/2200 rocker/valve cover. Firstly I thought I'd see if there was any interest from anyone on here? There are plenty of examples of my work on here or I can send more photos etc. Also I can do a bright...
  18. corazon

    Jag 3.54 and 2000 speedo head

    Just thinking around the speedo issue with the ZF box swap. As a quick solution can I not just drive a 2000 speedo from the 3.54 jag diff output running a long cable front to back? Thanks Jim
  19. corazon

    Jag Diff Weight

    Hi, Does anybody know the weight of a 4ha Salisbury Jag diff? I'm trying to get one posted from up north down to me in Sussex and have over estimated 75kgs but I'd like to know what it really is. I have lifted one before and it's certainly not a legal one man lift. Surprisingly very hard to find...
  20. corazon

    Anyone used V band exhaust clamps?

    This type, used a lot in turbo applications.. I like the idea of gasket-less quick release exhausts clamps, I don't get on that well with the standard 3 bolt flange arrangement and would certainly like to upgrade when I get a full stainless setup :) Jim
  21. corazon

    Amazing (and expensive) flush door handles

    These guys do some really great custom work, and have just got a patent on these smooth flush fit door handles. Thought it might interest some of us. I'm thinking of trying to fabricate a similar solution as I couldn't part with that kind of money for handles, not when they'd need custom fitting...
  22. corazon

    Modern classic speedos and gauges

    I thought I'd list some of my favourite modern electronic speedos, featuring classic designs. The prices are high in most cases but the products are of high quality and for customs work very well. I've started researching them as a possible answer to the speedo issue with the zf gearbox. I have...
  23. corazon

    Good looking monza red 3.9 powered

    Just found this, strongly priced but looks rather special! Tax exempt too :) Jim
  24. corazon

    Morse Taper bits in drill press

    Can anyone help me with this. I have a counterbore with a 3 morse taper that I want to use in my drill press. It's a Walker Turner drill press with I believe a Jacobs taper chuck spindle.. I have found this adaptor to mount it in the chuck but I'm not sure if it's safe to use in a drill press...
  25. corazon

    Help with calculating different diff ratios

    Hi everyone. I've been thinking more about jag differentials for my future spec. I've been offered a 3.54:1 from a TVR which I think is probably not tall enough for my application. I've tried online calculators but obviously something is amiss because I only get Na results. The zf4hp24 box has...