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  1. jp928

    Speed bleeders for the front calipers

    Just a note for anyone going for these - the std length Russell bleeder (1") is too short - the hex on them, when closed, is halfway into the gap between the 2 bolts that hold the caliper halves together, and a std 3/8 ring wont go there well. I foung them a bit difficult to start into the...
  2. jp928

    P6 Towbar

    Down here in Oz there is a locally made bar (assumption!) that consists of a tube about the length between the bumper irons, bumper irons welded to it, and ears for the bumper to fit to. There are plates for mounting a towing tongue as in above pic. Bumper iron detail. The towing tongue is...
  3. jp928

    Starting problems

    Also check that the mechanical advance in the dizzy works smoothly, even when cold. Remove cap, you should be able to turn rotor easily against a spring, if not investigate - screw inside under the rotor might need oiling.
  4. jp928

    Lt77 speedo drive woes

    Colin, do you know the pulse rate for the electronic SD1 speedos please? Is it a rate per propshaft turn or ?? The 1000revs/mile (assume you mean cable?) you quote above seems odd, considering normal P6B S2 rate is 1248 for miles, 780 for kms. thanks
  5. jp928

    110 starts but struggling to rev

    I was able to seal a leaking tank (low down) with an epoxy PC11. stayed dry for years, but was on a plastic tank.
  6. jp928

    Lt77 speedo drive woes

    Fitting an sd1 speedo to go with an LT77 will only be correct if the LT77 came from an SD1, not necessarily one of the other makes that used them - TR7, 8, TVR etc. What was involved in your swap please? re mike's msg - the std speedo revs/mile is 1248, for kms its 780. thanks
  7. jp928

    Gear Stick Gator

    THERE IS A SCREW UNDER THE FRONT OF THE HANDBRAKE GAITER!! Its accessed by lifting a section in the front centre of the gaitor, defined by cuts. Reverse selection can be impeded if the rear gearbox mount has sagged significantly, which might also apply to second.
  8. jp928

    P4 was misfiring a bit and now won't start

    Back in those days coils could be very polarity sensitive. Sold a P3 once, buyer came back quickly complaining of misfires. What have you done? Nothing...well not much - converted to Neg earth so could fit modern radio. Observe coil polarity please!
  9. jp928

    Lt77 speedo drive woes

    Anybody know what the thread on the right-angle drive is please? I make it 25 tpi, 0.462" OD, but its VERY close to M12x1. Swdibbers posted elsewhere - try these people - Speedometer Cables USA - Gear Box Adapters
  10. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    I think this last response should be in the thread on speedo readings and LT77 gearbox?
  11. jp928

    Lt77 speedo drive woes

    The driving gear inside on the output shaft has 2 options - TKC1273 (black 8 teeth) and 1274 (white 7 teeth) - available from Rimmers. The driven gear comes in 5 colours with different no of teeth - see LR speedo Gears - not sure their numbers are correct, as I have a 20 teeth gear in orange...
  12. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    Thanks, will certainly try that approach. I thought about lowering the diff, but with the car up on quickjacks I dont have a floor jack that will reach the diff. The self bleeding are now on the list!
  13. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    oooohhhh that sounds really good! I hope that works, thanks. I looked at the bleeder at the rear, and dont like the look of that at all!
  14. jp928

    Brake feed pipe union thread

    Just replaced the brake master and the booster. 3 out of the 4 unions were flared and needed some dressing to get them back in. Update - just noticed that the output pipe is a bubble flare (convex), while the input pipe is a double - concave. Easy to see which goes where, as well as different...
  15. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    A few steps forward, another back. My assumption that my large pressure bleeder adapter (fits MX5) would fit the reservoir was wrong. Close but no banana. Little chance that one exists, I will have to go for a vacuum bleeder, which are fortunately cheap and plentiful, and dont need any specific...
  16. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    Got all the brake parts out, ready reassemble. Both ends of the master to booster pipe needed their tube nuts filed to enable them to fit back into their threads. The short pipe from the reservoir to the master was stuck on its tube nut, and tried to twist the hose part as I undid it, so I had...
  17. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    Since I saw fluid in the booster air valve case I decided to do the brake master as well as the booster - looks like its been there a long time - nice and crusty with rust. Remove the reservoir it says - bugger! 1 of the 2 bolts from plastic to bracket is a major pain to access, and the 3 bolts...
  18. jp928

    Servo valve spring?

    All the expected captive nuts are present?
  19. jp928

    Rover P6 clock

    I do it a bit simpler....pull knobs of speedo reset and dimmer at left end, undo knurled washers, pull the plate off to the left pull the little cover at the right end off undo 2 big headed screws each end of panel pull the panel cover off towards you, a bit of wriggling may help to clear the...
  20. jp928

    Servo valve spring?

    Yes, thats what I see. Does the master cyl just detach with its 2 bolts removed, or does a whole plate come off with it, as the book says? For refitting it says to bolt the cylinder to the plate with only the top bolt, as though there is something special about that bolt?
  21. jp928

    What disc to use?

    Apparently the only difference in front discs is the V8 ones are slightly larger in diameter - can be machined down to fit a 2000 caliper.
  22. jp928

    Servo valve spring?

    Had my spare booster overhauled professionally - was betting on it needing a sleeve - on the big spring in the air valve, based on his experience he reckoned it was home made unit. Reading the manual on removing the brake master I am a little confused - it says to remove 3 nuts and one bolt...
  23. jp928

    Wire wheels

    "One man's meat is another man's poison" Dont you mean "one man's meat is another man's Poisson" ? Or just 'chacun a son gout'.
  24. jp928

    Oil pickup changes

    the deep part of the 3.9 disco sump is at the rear also....Have worked out fitting a brace connected to main cap #4, so all good.