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  1. Penguin

    windscreen seals

    p6 is different as the rubber only does 3 sides its "n" shaped, the bottom is open and via adjustable clamps the screen is pushed up into position
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    Ignition warning light relay

    one thing you should bear in mind, is that ignoring NOS, a new lucas alternator will be a Chinese reproduction quality can be variable, although to be fair lucas was never great!
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    windscreen seals

    across many different makes/models of car its very often said Scotts rubbers are are the best repro rubbers you can buy
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    if you were to corner weight a P6 you would find the average drivers weight would make little difference to loading on the rear springs, certainly nothing like would require a 10mm difference in spring length, especially when you bare in mind spring shims are only about 1mm thick
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    dont hold your breath!
  6. Penguin

    Difference bw35 en bw65

    ha ha, very true, but it was indicative of a company which did do a quality rebuild, but as you say, that didnt make it any stronger!
  7. Penguin

    Difference bw35 en bw65

    that comment takes me back, in the 80's i knew a bloke who had a P5b, the engine was rebuilt with a hotter cam, ported heads and holley 4 barrel so something like 190-200bhp, it used to east gearboxes with great regularity, even gearboxes with lifetime warranty would only last about 6 months!
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    Was Grace Kelly's Rover P6 Really Sabotaged?

    as has been said, brake fade feels totally different to boiling brake fluid, i have boiled brake fluid on a race track, unlike fade where the pedal gradually feels worse, when you boil the fluid, the pedal almost instantly changes from being ok to non existent, when the fluid cools again it...
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    Four barrel conversion

    no its a 4.6
  10. Penguin

    Continued project race/ track car

    good stuff, at the risk of being late for work ive just had a quick scan through your original thread, very encouraging/great read. i like the 2.5 spring conversion thought about doing that myself, dont suppose you would like to share the length/poundage of the springs you used would you?
  11. Penguin

    11AC outputs

    coolant temp will climb pretty rapidly so you should notice!
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    Auto gearbox oil

    oil specs can be strange, at work i stock about 17 different oils, the variations and differing combinations of specs on them are bewildering, some times the difference is merely whether that particular oil has been certified for a spec, and sometimes its about additives. i have oils which are...
  13. Penguin

    penguins p6 3500

    thanks but to be honest im just going to remove it, it really isnt hot enough to warrant having AC on a car which wil only get occasional use
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    11 AC Lucus Alternator

    almost certainly thats the fault, in my experience a drain of around 3 amps is an alternator with a dead diode in the rectifier
  15. Penguin

    SD1 Vitesse wheels black and polished

    hmmm, very tempting, shame your so far away, i'll never get to you midweek, and dont have a weekend free for ages
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    penguins p6 3500

    race car id agree, but for whats strictly a road car i just want the easy option
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    penguins p6 3500

    i half expected to see your car there, was a nice day out, I managed to mix a bit of work and pleasure. Work being a bit of gentle promoting of Ely service and a chance to catch up with a few suppliers and customers, as well as a nice place to meet up with my Daughter and grandchildren
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    penguins p6 3500

    no worries, must admit im now on the look out for some lower/stiffer springs, without having to have something specially made or get really involved, if it was a race car i would fab adjustable spring platforms and use aftermarket coil over springs, but that seems a lot of effort for what is and...
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    penguins p6 3500

    not sure, using several computers and email accounts im not best at finding emails/contacts, he seemed a nice guy but it wasnt that easy to deal with him, i think in the end i stayed at work until really late and phoned him. he doesnt take credit cards or pay pal and trying to send him money...
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    penguins p6 3500

    i got a few spare minutes the other day and pulled the intake off my 4.6, it was an engine i bought off ebay, so no history or anything was known about it, it was a pleasant surprise when i pulled off the valley gasket to see a nice clean internals, of course it doesnt mean its not worn! it had...
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    penguins p6 3500

    with the above in mind we got brave this week and took the sill covers off, i knew it would want a bit of welding as at some stage someone had welded a plate on it which disappeared under the n/s sill cover just to behind the front jacking point. Amazingly that area was the only bit which...
  22. Penguin

    penguins p6 3500

    a couple of weeks ago i took the car to Bressingham for the annual Norwich and Norfolk owners club show. it was an uneventful journey both ways, with the exception that i had to top the coolant up before the trip home . the day after the show whilst taking it back to work where i keep it, it...
  23. Penguin

    Brake Pedal Pushing Back

    if it does it stationary it has to be servo related, it could be the servo itself at fault, or possibly the one way vacuum valve the the hose from the engine attaches to or the hose from the engine to the servo leaking somewhere
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    P6 V8 rear main oil seal.

    no need the crank seal is well above the oil level
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    Diff play

    i have worked on quite a few different makes of differential but TBH ive never worked on the internals of a P6 diff, but all rwd diffs work the on the same principle, the backlash is controlled by how deep the crown wheel meshes with the pinion gear. this is set when initially building the diff...