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  1. Penguin

    penguins p6 3500

    Hi All, been lurking for a while, this is my P6, i bought it blind as a breaker about 2 years ago, but once it arrived back at my workshop i realized it was far too good to break. im only the 3rd owner, and its covered a mere 38,000 miles! i cant remember how long the first owner had it, but it...
  2. Penguin

    thor 4.6 in p6

    ive just bought a thor 4.6 to fit to my P6. just wondering if anyone knows if the thor intake will fit under a p6 bonnet?
  3. Penguin

    Hi from Penguin,

    Hi all, All be it on another forum under another name im well known with over 20,000 posts, so im not shy when it comes to posting. That other forum hosts its own pictures but im in the dark as to how to on here, i know lost of people were using photo bucket but that now has issues for lots...