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    Steel Wheel Rims

    I think you've already sussed it but the V8s had 5.5-inch rims (4-cyls had 5-inch) to fit the wider 185 tyres. However, Rover found clearance issues when fitting all-weather 185 tyres on the rear and overcame that by using wheels with a different offset, which reduced the track by 3/8 inch (in...
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    3500S NADA Maintenance Schedule Booklet

    Just looked and your car looks great, by the way.
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    3500S NADA Maintenance Schedule Booklet

    Sage green You can relax, jp928's post is meant to be humourous, but it's probably lost in translation. He's simply saying that it would be good to see some pictures of your car.;) I also missed the link to your website :rolleyes: It's a fairly standard expression or request on many forums...
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    Internal Door Handle variants

    I was wrong and Harvey correct, Series 2 TCs didn't have the extended arm rests, just the V8s.
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    Internal Door Handle variants

    Which model is it , SC,TC or V8? I *think* that the type shown at the 'top' of your photo is the std. one for the cars with the longer armrests, ie Series 2 TCs and V8s. The SCs with the Series 1 original type of short armrest had 'plastic' handles, no doubt a safety measure as the longer...
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    Yellow headlights on my P6, would it work ?

    Well, they would still work. However, my experience of them is that they are not as effective for actually seeing things as white lights. There is an often stated comment that they reduce glare in fog / rain but there is a counter-argument that there 'appears' to be less glare because there is...
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    20th anniversary

    That looks superb, congratulations. No doubt the swivels and calipers were simply down to parts availability, especially that late in the production run. The paintwork is worthy of note if it is all original as the paint process used on that year's production has a terrible reputation, thus...
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    All Greek To Me

    Rover called them commission numbers but in reality it is what we'd now call the VIN, or the old chassis number. For your age car, it was originally mounted on a small plate welded on the left-hand front inner wing, near the bonnet hinge. The engine number should be at the front of the engine...
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    All Greek To Me

    Welcome. 44900082A indicates a LHD 2000TC MK II. That number series ran from Sept '70 to Sept '73, with 3,814 in total, so yours would have been the 82nd, making it an early LHD Series II TC: unusual to find cars of that era that are virtually one-owner.
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    Diesel in P6 engine

    I filled up recently (not a P6) with Shell Optimax, which I haven't used for quite a while as there are now very few Shell stations in my area, and I remember commenting to my passenger that they seem to have changed the colours of the labels on the pumps such that they are now very similar, if...
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    How do I open the bootlid

    Welcome. I looked at your car on the auction results before reaching page 2 and seeing that you'd already solved the problem. My initial thought, on seeing that they had photos of the boot open, was that there can't be much wrong with it. A 2200sc auto is a relatively rare, and under-rated...
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    3500S diff ratio

    The original 1993 version, Appx. A, page 172, states 3.54 for 4-cyl, 3.08 for 8-cyls.
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    Roy Pierpoint

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    Roy Pierpoint

    Roger Enever; any relation to Syd Enever of MG fame?
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    Hello from Germany

    Welcome, that looks good and a relatively 'rare' colour combination now, which suits the car; I don't recall seeing that ignition key and start button set- up before, if that's what the button on the left is? I note that the car was in Spain originally and I wonder if the registration plate...
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    V8 into 4cyl car

    How much of a project do you want? As others have said, there's no reason that it can't be done but it's far from just changing the engine: in addition to the main things already mentioned you can add different rate springs/dampers, front suspension changes, wider wheels, different front...
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    Adjustable air shock absorbers - P6B 3500

    Back in the day Autocar magazine ran a long-term 3500S and in their 35,000 mile report made reference to changes they'd made. They thought the suspension 'soft and floaty' and fitted new dampers at 24,000 miles. This made no difference so they replaced the dampers with Koni ones, taughtening...
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    rover P4 100 chassis number location?

    If it is a 1963 100, it's a late-regd one as 1963 models were the 95 and 110 (these had the newer black-rimmed dials, earlier cars, ie the 100, had chrome). Assuming it's UK-market RHD car, 1962 100 chassis numbers started 750 00001 (up to 03872). That's the type of number you're looking for...
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    Adjustable air shock absorbers - P6B 3500

    I see your notes say 'Bunbury', is that as in WA? If so, what sort of roads do you drive on as that might be a consideration?
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    Lucas Square 8

    If there was only one fog light, it used to be fitted on the nearside. Quite often cars would only have one foglight, and it would be fitted on the nearside, for the reasons already mentioned, for example the Rover 90 P4s of the mid-50s had one foglight as standard , fitted on the nearside...
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    Third gear doesn’t engage

    Bram I've sent you another private message. If you reply, I'll know that you have seen it.
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    Third gear doesn’t engage

    Once the car's in motion, ie if it's pulled away in bottom gear, moving the 'hold' lever up to its top position should simply mean that the car will then change gear automatically using all gears, ie the hold lever won't be restricting it from changing into top gear. By starting with the lever...
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    Third gear doesn’t engage

    Not knowing the mechanical condition of your car, it might be worth trying the gear-hold lever 'down' in the first instance, to see if it pulls away in low gear. It might save hammering an old /unknown engine & gearbox ;)
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    Third gear doesn’t engage

    Bram See my additional comment / edit ^^^, our posts crossed.
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    Third gear doesn’t engage

    A couple of thoughts; have you checked the gearbox fluid level, done from inside the car on the transmission tunnel under/around fascia after removing the carpet on the tunnel. Is the fluid clean? Are you sure that it's not engaging top? If you pull away gently the car will usually start off...