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    Neatening the boot lining

    Link here: -
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    Oil pressure

    This is the front timing cover from the inside. The large drive to the left is usually bolted to the front of the camshaft. The dog gear to the right is the bottom of the distributor and is driven by the cam drive. This is the later motor so is slightly different to original. Underneath the...
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    Oil pressure

    Clockwise. Careful you don't drop it into the timing cover :) The drill will spin quite freely when you start, but will change tone as the oil pressure picks up. You should also see oil coming out of the rocker shafts if you have one of the rocker covers off. I should have a pic somewhere
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    P6B S Project Car

    I came across the picture when looking for something else and just thought it would show what JP was up to. I hadn't refitted the fuel lines yet, and no, there isn't a reserve tap as I'm running a hotwire fuel injection system.
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    P6B S Project Car

    I would imagine it's rather difficult with the engine in place, that pesky little thing is obviously best changed with the engine out. Over 30F here, only just though.
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    Steel Wheel Rims

    It looks like you have some 5Jx14 from a 4 pot and some 5 1/2J x 14, from a V8. Are the sizes stamped on the wheel anywhere? Not sure why Rover would use a different offset, but I haven't actually worked on a 4 cylinder car for a few decades, so who knows? I'm sure someone on here knows though.
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    Steel Wheel Rims

    I was under the impression that the offset on a P6 is 40, on all of the wheels. My Vitesse wheels are 6.5J x 15s but still with a 40 offset.
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    Energy drink advert

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    Tie rod hit the inner wheel housing

    That looks strange to me, that's quite a shim behind those mountings. Could be the result if a repair following an accident? As JP says, I would certainly get it all measured before stripping it down; I am assuming you are going to remove it all to replace the rubber bushes.
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    Discovered a nasty crack.. 1972 P6 2000TC

    yeah, I wouldn't be driving that :oops:
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    rear bumper brackets

    The other end of the bolts is up under the rear wing, and they're a right pain to get to with the rear box in place, but it is possible. Have a look at the other side where the silencer isn't in the way. When I rebuilt mine I used these bolts to attach the spinner, as in the pic below. If you...
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    rear bumper brackets

    Found a picture of what the towbar should look like, and its fittings.
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    rear bumper brackets

    Need some pictures if you could. The bumper brackets should be held on with some long 7/16 high tensile bolts which go right through the chassis rail with a nut. There shouldn't be any captives nuts. The bolts which hold the left hand side dog leg bracket, also holds the exhaust bracket.
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    Rover P6 gauge cluster and clock

    Can you put a price on it please, we don't do auctions on here.
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    Flametrap and vent pipework for crankcase breather

    The system draws dirty contaminated air from the engine and burns it. Apart from any environmental issues, it helps to keep the inside of your engine cleaner, thus it will last longer. Driving around for a few hundred miles isn't going to give you any idea on its performance. You need to have...
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    Mocal PC1 Rover V8 Oil Pump Cover supply problem

    I bought an oil cooler kit in December, and it turned up two days later. Why don't you give Mocal a call, they're in Middlesex I think.
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    Hola desde Barcelona (spain)

    Hi Eusebi, welcome. Do you have any pictures, we love pictures. Hola Eusebi, bienvenido. Tienes alguna foto?, nos encantan las fotos.
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    1956 P4 Stalls At Speed

    Have you checked your induction system for blockages? I don't know the 6 cylinder units very well, but stalling at speed under load can just be down to a dirty air filter. Other easy checks to start with would be distributor (Shaft loose, weights seized, vacuum not working), blocked breather pipes.
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    Front bonnet rubber bumps

    Their not the best tasting, but they last for ages :p
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    Front bonnet rubber bumps
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    Classic motorbikes

    I had a GT380, the 550's little brother and that was a lot of fun. To be honest though, my favourite bike of the 70s and 80s was a GT185 Suzuki. XJT 511M, metallic blue. I took that around the TT circuit, best fun of my life, especially when a Z1B pulled up next to me and the rider said that...
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    Books and magazines

    Many thanks
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    Classic motorbikes

    I always fancied one of these, then I bought a rough old one and rebuilt it. Certainly not for a beginner though :hmm:
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    SD1 alloys for four cylinder cars?

    Now that I didn't know :hmm:
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    Hello from New York

    Can you open a thread in 'selling' with a picture or two if possible, price you want, where you are, etc. Please do not leave it open to offers, we are not ebay. Cheers, Richard