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    Rear bumper fixing - slotted?

    The bumper bar end has slots in both the bar mounting and the end of the iron. This allows a small amount of adjustment. the slots are at right angles and you need decent washes to deal with the gaps properly so they don't come loose.
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    Stripped thread

    Heli coil make a cheaper version called re-coil if the thread is stripped all the way you can get away with tapping the hole with the helicoil tap, without drilling. The correct drill is effectively the same size as the stripped out thread. the drill just cleans up the hole,
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    No power to starter from key? 1969 auto P6

    Do check the starter relay for function. Its located on the right inner guard above the steering box. Note that its earth wire dissappears into the harness but pops out again a few inches to the rear of the relay where the is a ground point.
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    No power to starter from key? 1969 auto P6

    The starter circuit has a relay in it but given the car died I'd check to see if youhave spark with the ignition on. If not I'd first check all your fuses are good then look at the plug in the floor on the right side footwell where the High current line runs through the floor. Make sure all the...
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    Oil pressure

    I seem to recall that the difference between a Ryco Z79 filter and the Z79A used in the rover is just that valve. The problem does occur quite a bit but seems to be specific to some engines. Note that while the filter is below the pump, the lowest point is the pickup and the sump level is below...
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    3500S manual pedal box

    Might be worthwhile getting hold of a parts cattledog. There are a number of different versions of the pedal setup, both LHD and RHD. The cattledog will tell you what is compatable with what via the notes and part numbers. There are also some recent stories on here from people that have had your...
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    Stripped thread

    go for the helicoil but note when buying the kit that the little springs come in different lengths and some are quite short and you will want a longish one
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    P6B S Project Car

    Aaaah all is clear now! I thought it was a funny place for a brake line... My car has the pump and tap under the tank so the line runs up the other side of wall and comes out where your rubber hose is
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    P6B S Project Car

    Hmm he seems to have exchanged the tap for a brake line...
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    Steel Wheel Rims

    Where did you get 195x70x14s from? I ran them for years on standard rims . They were Goodyear NCTs though which have a fairly straight sidewall. makes with a bulging sidewall might rub the rear guards on full(ish) bump. there are threads on here about what to adjust and how.
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    V8 Engine Stabilizer Rod Assembly

    I might have something but its like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack in my shed at the moment. They are a lot more complicated then they look. The ends are turned down and threaded and there is a tube and double sets of dished washes that locate the rubber bits. The length of the turn...
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    1976 p6b 3500 trailer lights connector location?

    on the right side of the boot next to the battery and probably under the covering for the inner guard there are connections for all the tail lights including the left blinker and number plate light. Thats where you connect in the trailer harness. The actual routing of the harness isn't really...
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    Engine wont rev above 3000rpm

    Given the engine runs ok up to 3000 I'd definitely be looking at the air intake side. first thing is to check you are getting full throttle with the pedal on the floor. Next is to check the movement of the pistons. You can see them rise and fall if you take the elbows off and should be able to...
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    Kickdown cable parts for 1972 V8

    UM which car are we talking about? P5, P6 and P6B are all different in that area...If P6B do you have the plastic universal, if not you can buy a new one. They do wear out. there is also a Rubber bush where the rod goes into the rear bracket which is best bought new.
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    Parts catalog for SC 2000 MY1964

    The parts manuals for P6 are not year specific but are sequential so anything later than your car will have your parts listed in it. The organisation can take a little getting used to but at the bottom of each page are notes which refer to the changed parts and how to identify what fits your...
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    Lower link arm (left hand side) for V8

    Hi Peter, Any luck so far? I can't remember if I PM'd you earlier. I did have a look and I think I have one new one. Its very stiff without notchiness as per new but has no packaging so I can't say its NOS. Its appearence is as if its been sitting off the car or on a car that's never been...
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    Viking face bonnet motif - thread ?

    Good news is no sensible people make 30 TPI threads so i'd go with 32 TPI. Also BSF 3/16 are 32 TPI. however UNF no. 10 are also 32 TPI but 0.1mm thicker. In reality in terms of nuts you will probably find that either will work; difference being in the angle of the thread, UNF being 60 degrees...
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    Getting there

    originally there is also some heavy sound deadener stuck to the inside of the outer panels on the doors. It turns the rattle on closing into the nice 'Chunk' you hear when closing the door.
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    Lifter tick

    Which oil pump is your engine using? the gear pump or the crank driven pump? I'd advise against sliding the rockers along the shaft to check for wear on anything but a near new engine. When the shafts and rockers wear the do so as a matching set. Moving them out of position can cause them to mis...
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    Early series 3500 Grille

    As above but just adding the move required a recess in the front guard lip so you can get to the mounting/adjustment screws. The S2 cars all have the wider spacing in my experience but that may just be a NZd built thing.
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    Seat Belt

    inertia reel or manual adjust?
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    20th anniversary

    The parts catalogue shows a lot of improvements that took place between 1975 and 76 and quite a lot of formally different parts were standardised ,mostly to the V8 spec, from about 74 onwards.
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    Rear Quarter Panel Viking Badge Removal - Rover P6 2000 TC 1971

    The vinyl is nothing special. Marine vinyl (used on boats) will last better as it's designed for lots of sun. Just try to match the grain... The Badges are clipped on from the back with an annoying spring clip. They are special screws and hard to get so don't lose them. There are also nuts on...
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    fire under hood. wiring loom new

    Generally mildly melted is ok as long as nothing moved. The binding of the wires in the harness keeps oxygen out and the plastic still holds the copper apart, even when gooey. It solidifes again when cool so aprt from sticking the wires together, there isn't much change in the harness part...
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    Gearbox Still Leaking!

    Dropping the rear of the box is the easiest way to get to it. there may be a rubber plug in the side of the transmission tunnel under the carpet but turning the spanner might still be an issue. Do check where the nut is leaking as it may be dribbling from the nut or from the protuding pipe...