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    american racing wheels - These would look real nice

    I think these would look cool, got that vintage sprint car/race look? bit different. My Webpage P.s just bought a set of Jensen interceptor wheels absolute bargain [for once!?] will post pic in couple of days once tires mounted, probably 205,60/65? looks as though theres enough...
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    Hi, anyone out there know of any p6 estates for sale? i own a 3500s and would be very interested to hear of one for sale etc, project preffered[!] any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Matthew :cool:
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    Colour Chart - list of colours

    Hi, What are all the avaliable colours exterior and interior options for the 3500s. Thanks Matt
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    Rebuilt Suspension Polygraphite Kits?

    Any one know of a Polygraphite Suspension rebuild kit, i have heard of it being avaliable. Thanks Matthew