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  1. J

    2000 for sale - Wrong information

    01248 is Bangor north wales!
  2. J

    Electronic Ignition

    I'd go for a Mallory MSD.
  3. J

    Cylinder heads - How different are they ?

    MGB heads aren't special at all. The rocker covers are unique but that's it. No original MGB blocks were "stiff blocks" As far as the inlet manifold goes, it is a P6 manifold with the pent roof bit machined off and a specially cast adapter bolted on in its place. The carbs in an MGB V8 hang...
  4. J

    P6 has 7th best interior !

    ... but then, i'd imagine it must be a similar experience!!!
  5. J

    P6 has 7th best interior !

    I'd rather be in prison than drive a 2cv.
  6. J

    Fantasy P6 League

    Hey rick, what about getting some wolfrace slotmags? You can get 5 bolt chevy / jag wolfies fairly cheaply. You'd just have to get them redrilled to fit the rover stud pattern. You can then tig weld some ally plugs in the old holes, grind back the welds and polish them out along with the rest of...
  7. J

    Inspiration on Ebay - Serious Body Mods for the Cool Kids

    I'm putting a Chevvy LS1 in my MGB when I get bored of the Rover. Physically its a bit smaller but has double the power. No brainer really. As for the P6-E I think it looks pretty good. There are a few things i'd change. I don't like that rear bumper setup or the lights. I'd leave those as...
  8. J

    V8 P6 Monster Burnout!! - found on youtube

    Yeah, i've seen that car run at santapod "run what ya bung" days loads of times. Its definately still rover powered. Think its a 3.9 EFi the guys spent shed loads on it apparently. Despite doing stonking great burnouts it only runs in the 15's. I think he was a bit disapointed tbh.
  9. J

    New head gaskets - changing both gasgets

    If you're changing the cam, may as well just pull the engine and refurb the bottom end. You can get it dynamically ballanced at the same time. For about a grand you can have an engine that will happily rev to 7000rpm.
  10. J

    Sheared timing cover bolt - Suggestions on how to extract the rest?

    Take the front cover off. Get a small drill and do your best to drill lots of little holes around the extractor. With a bit of luck you aught to be able to get some water pump pliers on the extractor and twist it out. With the extractor out, drill out the old bolt and then tap it to take...
  11. J

    Whats wrong with it - V* Diesel ??

    heh, bits for the Rover V8 are about the easiest bits to get for these cars. I'd go to a company that specialises in the RV8 though. RPI, Real Steel, V8-Tuner heck if you're desperate rimmers! If you;re changing camshafts then dump those useless nylon timing chain gears and go for duplex...
  12. J

    That clears that up!! - Time to move forward

    Its a shame when politics spoil things. The MGOC gets a bit silly like that from time to time. I can't be bothered with E-politics. I come here to talk about cars, specifically ones with great big dirty V8's! :cool: Keep it light chaps. This is what the interet is for anyway...
  13. J

    Whats wrong with it - V* Diesel ??

    Would agree with the others and say knacked lifters. Either live with it or pull the heads off and change them may as well spend the extra on a set of rhodes lifters whilst you're at it though. Have fun setting the preload... :p
  14. J

    Relief  :-)

    I too am glad the forum is back. The only thing I have left of my P6 is the engine and box now. Most of it went to good homes though. Its a shame the chat section of the forum has disapeared? :( On every other forum that I frequent that has tried this the tech sections end up becoming more...
  15. J

    points / condensor

    im on a 9.25 CR engine.
  16. J

    quick question to those with access to a V8...

    is the vac advance pipe taken before or after the throttle butterfly? THanks in advance... i dont have access to my car atm. jon.
  17. J

    points / condensor

    Managed to pick them up locally. I have discovered, however, that my vac advance is a bit tired. :(
  18. J

    points / condensor

    where's the best place to get a new set of points and a condensor for my V8 dizzy? Are halfrauds likely to do them? I suspect not somehow... :/ Thoughts?
  19. J

    P6 Crankshaft Pulley Removal - Removal of Pulley

    Depends how long your bar is... Ive take to slipping a 3 foot length of steel tube over my breaker bar. Seems to do the trick. Does anyone actually bother doing the nut up to the torque settings in the book? I just Do mine up "FT" and leave it at that.
  20. J

    Blanking plate for Petrol pump

    take the gasket for the petrol pump and use it as a template on some steel plate. You can reuse the bolts just shorten them a bit. You can even reuse the gasket if you like! I wouldnt buy one ever.
  21. J

    P6 Crankshaft Pulley Removal - Removal of Pulley

    I just put a breaker bar on and belt it with a hammer... i like my paintwork too much to start twatting it with a starter motor.
  22. J

    wolfrace slotmags!

    Look at this!!! ebay number 110135613060 They would be SO sexy on a P6!
  23. J

    My new steering wheel!

    dont motolita bosses have an ident mark on them somewhere?
  24. J

    A sort of P6 - Mgb GT V8 question

    completely different. If using SU's in the MG you will need a new plenum and inlet manifold. unless you want to cut holes in the bonnet for the dashpots to poke through? You can reuse the MGB throttle cable. You just need to make up a bracket for the rover plenum.
  25. J

    3500s manual problems - Popping out off 1 and reverse.

    Yep, still have the gearbox. Infact, I took the trouble to clean the 30 odd years of road dirt and grime off it a couple of weeks back. Its a shiny silver colour now! :D Its currently sat in friends garage in chester although I was intending to move it to sutton coldfield (birmingham) towards...