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  1. roverp480

    engine number

    My 2200 parts book only lists one set of main bearing, in either Std, 10 thou or 20 thou undersize , no other variation
  2. roverp480

    PAS O Ring - yes or no

    Are the two halves of pump just metal to metal as I notice one port at the top of the picture seems to have an O ring in it. Presumably the pin is to locate the cam ring. The SD1 manual shows a large O ring but also states smear the face between the 2 halves with Loctite 275 before assembly.
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    New alternator but amp meter showing negative

    Is it showing a positive reading with the engine off and lamps on, if so ammeter wired up back to front.
  4. roverp480

    Ignition warning light relay

    My 2200 TC manual states 3W capless
  5. roverp480

    headlines in 1969 , importers to USA

    We , working at Rover, were often advised ( warned) that other parts of the world outside Warwickshire had very different requirements and/or views . as it was easy to advise or engineer with a rather blinkered parochial view . Conversely it was often difficult to reconcile these differences...
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    Sump unit for oil level .

    Its the same sender unit used in your fuel tank but with a much shorter arm. You should have a push button on the dash which when pressed switches the fuel gauge to read the sender in the sump thus showing the level of the engine oil rather than the fuel tank. Releasing the button returns the...
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    Rover Gas Turbine

    There's a Rover Gas turbine at the museum internal fire near Newcastle Emlyn Internal Fire Museum » Home. They have also got an Austin Gas turbine as well which were used for fire pumps and generator sets. The two companies operations were amalgamated under British Leyland and a prototype...
  8. roverp480

    overdrive not working

    Do you have a wiring diagram? I think the throttle needs to be partly open for the O/D to work , not closed . The solenoid is fairly temperamental. I would look to that first. It has two coils , one to actuate it and one to hold & there is a set of contacts inside, working the actuating coil...
  9. roverp480

    Modern vs Classic Tyres

    I was pleased with some Barum tyres, that I had on a previous P6 , but it would have been an older pattern
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    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    See FBHVC Newsletter page 4 London ULEZ , basically says ignore the checker if your car has Historic class registration
  11. roverp480

    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    I also changed my motorcycle to Historic class in April and the first PO I went to said I had to send V5c to DVLA , so went to another one that completed it & sent V5c themselves, had refund and a new V5c in about a week. I believe the DVLA insist on renewing each year to keep the database...
  12. roverp480

    low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?

    The TFL website is rather confusing for ULEZ exemptions. If I put my 1955 vehicle in, it states its not exempt, and directs you to the payment site when you try to pay it then states its exempted.
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    Runaway P6b

    That's why That's why the IAM and Rospa in UK advanced driving courses advise securely applying the park brake when quitting the vehicle and not just rely on the pawl in the gearbox.
  14. roverp480

    Tab washer.

    Description in my parts book re. 1934-38 Rover Cars for 2819 is 'Locker small' , which I believe refers to a Locktab, as spring washers are listed as such. There is another obvious Locktab, described as a Locker.
  15. roverp480

    RVI Tachometer

    I have just picked up a used RVI tacho, clearly marked 4 cyl, to use on my old Land Rover . Connected it up and its reading twice the engine speed! Anyone any ideas why that might be? Thanks in anticipation.
  16. roverp480

    Air conditioning

    I am fairly certain the gas used in the 70's is no longer available (Freon etc) but I did get a early Discovery changed to the later gas, I think there can be a problem with the seals. It was done at a specialist air con firm
  17. roverp480

    11AC outputs

    I wonder if you could fit a voltage sensitive relay used for battery charging on caravans etc which would be wired to extinguish the light when the voltage rises as the alternator kicks in . They are wired to close the contacts as the voltage rises but with a bit of thought it could be done.
  18. roverp480

    Headlight Conversion Options

    The angle they dip should be greater the higher the lamp, I think its in the Mot Requirements somewhere. m4s01000803 My LR discovery is 1.3% whereas a lower lamp could be only 0.5%
  19. roverp480

    11AC outputs

    According to the ROVER P6 manual it looks as though a minimum of 6V needed to extinguish the warning light and it should stay on at 2V or lower. I haven't got the internal wiring of the alternator which might point to your problem. You say its charging fine , what is the charging voltage?
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    Series 1 clock

    Agree, use the correct oil.
  21. roverp480

    Fitting an in line fuel filter

    I fitted a filter on my 2200TC , between the pump and carbs. Used a replaceable element type used on early Range Rovers, mounted on the RH wing valance
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    safety belts?

    According to FBHVC rules for children as follows :- . What are the legal requirements for children to wear seat belts? Children under three years must use a child restraint (ie child seat or booster) appropriate for their weight in any vehicle (including vans and other goods vehicles) – so they...
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    Bonnet badge

    Rover brand is either owned by JLR or TATA direct. BMW kept it when LR was owned by Ford , but was sold it on by BMW when TATA took over JLR. MG Rover never owned the Rover brand but did own MG, that's why there are still MG branded products made in China
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    Bonnet badge

    I wonder if TATA lawyers are of the same opinion?
  25. roverp480

    Air in Brake System?

    I didn't pick up the fact the system had been bled a number of times, each expelling air , so as Harvey states it must be getting in somewhere. Having said that, my brakes on my LR Discovery 3 have a soft feel under servo conditions, ie engine running, but are rock hard without servo...