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  1. Ian currie

    Charging problem

    Rover p6 2000 sc 1967 series Car is not charging battery, alternater is putting out 13 .5 vault on tick over. Confused because I see dynamo attached to passengers inner wing. Very grateful for any help.cheers
  2. Ian currie

    Pwe steering

    Hi just like to let people know ,electric powersteering has been successfully installed into my dads series 1 p6 2000 score 1967 year. Drove it back from Bolton today and over the moon as it means dad can finally drive his p6. As far as I know this is a first, if wrong please let me know. Cheers
  3. Ian currie


    Hi just joined this forum and finding it great. I am a member of p6 owners club also. Look forward to helping where I can. Will be nice to get some help to an sure . Have a good day now bye for now.
  4. Ian currie

    Hello from billingham

    Hello from billingham