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  1. machman767

    Warning light

    Thanks, Harvey & Tom, I’ll have a look at your suggestions tomorrow, weather permitting. Oil pressure light works ok, the choke warning light was removed a couple of years ago during the “sorting it out” period. Mick
  2. machman767

    Warning light

    Hi, all, just moved the car out of the garage and noticed the warning light on the dashboard wasn’t lit. Hand brake was on (honest!:p) and there is plenty of fluid in the reservoir, any suggestions? Mick
  3. machman767

    My 3500S Restoration Project

    Apologies, I don’t wish to hijack the thread but how easy/difficult is changing the shock absorber bushes, I’ve got some new ones ready to be put on. Mick
  4. machman767

    Hi from Worcestershire

    Looking at that photo has reminded me, I’m looking for a tailpipe finisher like that for my V8, any suggestions who sells them? Local motor factors aren’t very helpful..... Mick
  5. machman767

    vip up for sale again

    Boot handle looks a bit suspect too!
  6. machman767

    1 1/2 Early V8's on ebay

    So you really wouldn’t know the wings are fibreglass. Shame about the front valance though....
  7. machman767

    New member

    Nothing wrong with that, I’m the same although I will have a go at some very basic “mechanic-in”. My enjoyment is from driving it and listening to the glorious soundtrack! Mick
  8. machman767

    1 1/2 Early V8's on ebay

    Mine has 4 fibreglass wings, to look at them you’d never know, as cobraboy says I’ve no rot to worry about. Shame about the doors though....;) Mick
  9. machman767

    The View From The Windscreen

    Not the best photo but first run out of the year to Southport, all the best to everyone. Mick
  10. machman767

    New Distributor, won't run for long

    I had similar,multiple, issues, last thing we changed was the fuel pump. Along with carbs overhauled, new plugs, leads, fuel filter and coil. Plus we replaced the oil which contained lots of petrol from all the attempts to start the blasted thing......! Runs like a dream now.
  11. machman767

    Reserve fuel lever

    I have a very dim recollection an old Triumph Herald that my dad had, a 1200 and later a 1360, had some sort of reserve on the tank. I seem to think he tried to use it once but it had seized. Mick
  12. machman767

    Runaway P6b

    Just one word......OUCH! Glad no one was injured too. Mick
  13. machman767

    Mid life crisis

    I'd say a Mustang, Vauxhall Viva, Cadillac Eldorado and Ford Capri. Do I win a prize?! Mick
  14. machman767

    Potential P6 Owner

    Just out of curiosity, how many "clicks" should there be? Mick
  15. machman767

    Paint for rover

    Interesting, Rudigers list says Almond was available until October 1974, mine was built November 1975, beginning to wonder if it should be turmeric? Mick Edit:Just had a look at my heritage certificate and it says huntsman brown and almond.
  16. machman767

    New MOT rules query

    So, checking on the .GOV website shows status as "tax due 01 August 2018" and "MOT No results returned". Interestingly both of the boxes are coloured blue, from memory if one or the other was expired it showed as red (?) I think. I feel sure yourself and Harvey are correct, I'd be very surprised...
  17. machman767

    New MOT rules query

    Hi, all, I've a query re the new rules. MOT expired on the 15th, tax is due 1st August, already registered as Historic, not had MOT done due to holidays. Am I ok to use it before I take it for test? Mick
  18. machman767

    A p6 again after 20 years.......

    Nice birthday present! The front tyre looks massively over inflated! Mick
  19. machman767

    1978 2200TC -'Malcolm'

    Ouch! I dread to think what the "ladies" car was like! I've had a 265GLE and a 240GLT, both were great cars, wished I'd kept the 265..... Mick
  20. machman767

    No Hazard Lights

    Colin’s remedy worked for mine last year, or the year before, time flies....;) Mick
  21. machman767

    Boot lid won't stay up

    Or as an original solution source a prop as used in the continental kit. Mick
  22. machman767

    Square Wheel Award

    When you say “badly made”, surely you mean “rarely made”?! They had more strikes than a box of matches! Mick
  23. machman767

    MOT exemption question

    I’m guessing that, going forward, buyers would be more confident buying a car that has an MOT in one format or another than one that maybe hasn’t been touched in a couple of years. Granted, it’s only a snapshot in time but it at least proves the owner has at least got some scruples! Mick
  24. machman767

    Saturday meeting, Old Town Kissimmee Florida

    Hi, all, my wife and I are heading out to Florida on Saturday for our hols, just wondering if any of our US brethren ever take their cars to this weekly event, I haven’t yet had chance to look at a NADA model and our hotel is pretty close to Old Town, be good to meet up. Mick
  25. machman767

    Saying hello! P6 roaring again

    And getting back to topic, that's one mighty fine car you've got there, see_span, cant beat a nice almond P6. Mick