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  1. So Cal V8

    Newby with a few questions.

    I think the 5.2/318 is roughly the same size as the Lexus V8 - about 6" wider than the Ford 302. The 302 gets you this lovely noise More about Tom's Rover can be found here My Hot Rod Rover Where in the US are you?
  2. So Cal V8

    Newby with a few questions.

    Not sure what the dimensions of the 1UZFE are compared to the Ford small block but, the 302 goes into the 4 cylinder base unit with tons of room to spare. ...Looks like height and length are fine but the Toyota is about 6" wider than the 302
  3. So Cal V8

    Newby with a few questions.

    That's Tom - 302Rover. Come to think of it I haven't heard from him in ages, I'll drop him an email to check in on him. With that said, I can tell you that the Ford 302 fits very nicely into the engine bay, and it's a real hoot to drive around in. I think that the Toyota 1UZFE might also -...
  4. So Cal V8

    Getting back on the road

    Hey Steven, Did you have any luck find a 2200 TC head? Maybe any potential UK shippers might consider shipping it to Ireland if they won't send it to the US - if so, I'll be there in August - I could just boot it out of the plane as we cross Jersey on the way back to the left coast...
  5. So Cal V8

    Fuel vapourisation... A problem when new?!

    I don't think it would be so expensive as to require dread... they are small and light and the company is based on the East Coast - $5 - $15 max, at a guess.
  6. So Cal V8

    RWT363K - now BRV3500H

    No real suggestions for you Al, just wishing you a speedy recovery and good luck with the work.
  7. So Cal V8

    Wheeler Dealers Rover - spoiler alert

    When I first saw the Rover I had to look out the window to make sure that mine was still there and that "she" hadn't sneakily disposed of it :eek:... I did like the Lancia though. I think WD is a little better nowadays with their cost analysis, although I think they often conveniently leave...
  8. So Cal V8

    Wheeler Dealers Rover - spoiler alert

    I don't know the schedule for WD in the UK so I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so... spoiler alert... On this week's episode of WD, luverable cockerny rogue Mike travels to northern California, right to Mr. Oldblokes neck of the woods and visits a dealer in Sonoma County - his...
  9. So Cal V8

    Rust Free California car isn't... A moment of silence please...

    Some months have passed since I completed cutting up the old beast but, an update is warranted - she is gone but she will not be forgotten and, in the end, she was able to donate parts to a few other projects in the hopes that they may live again. The boot floor went to the honorable Sdibbers...
  10. So Cal V8

    NADA TC on I5 in Del Mar California Magstar Wheels

    A condition I am not entirely unfamiliar with... :(
  11. So Cal V8

    3500 on getting some interest

    That belongs to GBGary one of the forum members Newbie
  12. So Cal V8

    Rain Went Away...Led To New Avatar Pic

    I'll be back up Jim - the Union Hotel is my local bar when I am up there. There's a beautiful little 63 Mini pick up truck in Gratton - it belongs to one of the owners of Wicked Creations. As soon as we collect our lottery winnings we'll be moving up north...
  13. So Cal V8

    Rain Went Away...Led To New Avatar Pic

    Nice Jim! I just now got back from your neck of the woods - we spent a week in Occidental - I kept an eye out for you on the road even though I know you are usually over in Napa. Next time!
  14. So Cal V8

    Napa NADA Makeover Underway

    ^^ Been there, tried that - not just paintwork either. I tried to find a machine shop/suspension shop to remove the old ball joints and reinstall new ones on the front swivel pillar - one place I was still walking across the car park when the guy came to the door and just shook his head.
  15. So Cal V8

    Door map pocket

    Here is a photo of mine before disassembly - oh so very long ago
  16. So Cal V8

    Great Day For Early March...!

    Or is that a picture of the horse power that's been lost over time? Jim, you might want to hold back on sunny California pics at the moment mate as the lads and lasses in the UK are under 30 feet of snow at the moment (well, maybe not 30...)
  17. So Cal V8

    Heater box teardown and rebuild

    Next you're going to tell me that I didn't need to do all this prep work to get to the heater box... :mad:
  18. So Cal V8

    NADA on Donedeal

    Good spot Dave - if it's still there at the end of July I will probably check it out. Otherwise, if anyone else is planning on taking a look please let me know. Alan
  19. So Cal V8

    Front Link Bushes, Rubber or Polyeurothane?

    Graeme, you have clearly marked yourself out as an amateur - how else would you do this job... pfffft
  20. So Cal V8

    Front Link Bushes, Rubber or Polyeurothane?

    I am all about ease of the task at hand H. And as the HBOL tells us, assembly is the reverse of disassembly
  21. So Cal V8

    Front Link Bushes, Rubber or Polyeurothane?

    It's an easy job as long as you do all the right preparation. As it's a bit of a convoluted process I will use the following photo to illustrate what I mean...
  22. So Cal V8

    Classic Cars in Music Videos

    The song was '83... the video 2005 - no complaints, just sayin like.
  23. So Cal V8

    Found an engine, what is the choke mechanism?

    I plan on using a throttle body setup whenever I get that far... probably the day after never. California is fine for most of the cars on this forum as they are mainly pre 1974. This means that you can do whatever floats your boat with your engine with no gubermint oversight or interference...
  24. So Cal V8

    What does a 3500 auto propshaft weigh?

    Done and done... 5kg or 16 lbs - your choice