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    parts catalogue and a few other bits

    hi all ive got a 1974 edition of the rover 2000 parts manual, its seen better days and is a bit tatty but would make a good workshop copy for someone, missing the front and back cover and pages are starting to come away other things that might interest someone (long shot) rover p6 news aug...
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    Buying a welder

    ditch the crap mask and buy a darkening one it'll also give you a hand to steady yourself with, also buy yourself a decent worklight that you can see through the mask before you strike an arc to get your torch lined up
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    Buying a welder

    ive got one of these, ... ils/mig165 really pleased with it once i got it setup, earth clamp thats provided with it is a bit crappy but easily replaced. make sure you get a refillable gas bottle, the disposables are false economy
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    mig welding gauges

    ive got one of those wescol twin regulators attached to my hobbyweld cylinder. I used nowhere near as much gas as you;ve used, think I'm on my second or third tank and ive done an entire rear corner of my p6, a sill, floor repair, and door frame on a mini and some of that was outside where I had...
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    Transport for gearbox! Now arrived and fitted.

    Re: Transport for gearbox! York or Bowes to Bristol.. if your not in any hurry and someone can get it to preston ill be down in bristol at the start of june on business (unless it gets cancelled) if that's any help? Jamie
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    uninsured driver questions....

    Over 24hrs since he was supposed to ring with his insurance details.....
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    uninsured driver questions....

    cheers folks (and thanks for that link) we have reported it to our insurance, and have attempted to inform the police (although as usual they have taken their usually dont get involved stance) although they said they dont need to record it unless the road was blocked or injuries occured. The...
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    uninsured driver questions....

    Hi all, quick bit of advice required! yesterday whilst driving to the supermarket someone crashed into the back of us whilst stationary (in my wifes fiesta not in the rover) the damage isn't massive the car will need a new rear bumper, a little bit of straightening on the bootlid and a spot of...
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    L'il jokey

    ill get your coat for you...... :mrgreen:
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    Best ways to clean dirty engine parts?

    alloy wheel cleaners are good for aluminium parts, make sure you wear gloves (its quite nasty stuff) and a scouring pad can help to work it into the surface. quite a bit of hard work but you can get cast aluminium parts to look like new. If you can get the cleaner before its diluted thats even...
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    Breakdown 2200sc

    you may be running the system at the wrong voltage if you've just fitted the powerspark into the standard wiring (the wire itself is the ballast resistor) loom.
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    Breakdown 2200sc

    How long ago did you install the powerspark kit? if its recently did you bypass the ballast wire so it sees 12v permenantly?
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    Members ages

    Bliss is indeed ignorance!
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    Members ages

    When i got told that i now owned my late grandfathers car I would have beaten the youngest member at the age of 11/12 (it was a long time ago so cant remember exactly!) I'm now 32 so nowhere near the youngest but probably non the wiser! :mrgreen:
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    3D printed parts

    excellent work! although at the moment laser sintering is cost prohibitive it will indeed be an amazing source of parts when they are no longer available, an example would be the roll over structure on the current lotus F1 car is apparently laser sintered. There are companies that will 3D...
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    for the love of cars

    Lovely Restoration of an MG but... BLUE??????????? for the love of god, how out of place is that colour on that car! :x
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    Tyre Air

    be warned, French air will expect a bottle of wine at lunch time, it also smells different from rover air, less pipesmoke and cucumber sandwiches
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    How many have Radios

    ive got a mono which only appears to get music from the 70s
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    How Long Have You Owned Your Rover?

    19 years by my reconning, 21years in the family :mrgreen:
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    for the love of cars

    The thing that really confused me was when working on the stag he suggested that he'd had to get his "imperial spanner set out" for the first time in a long time, now im not sure if this is innuendo (who'd like to see my imperial spanner.... :wink: ) or just play for the cameras but surely the...
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    for the love of cars

    And it is not a downton engine if its been remanufactured by a.n.other engineering company... Seemingly they also found the worlds first barn fi d rotbox mini that didn't need any panelwork and just needed a fresh coat of paint. Again though lovely result. But as it was no expense spared id...
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    Take Nothing For Granted

    that is lovely, well done. :mrgreen:
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    1970 estoura

    there isnt really much of the back part available, you can get most of the dpost for that side including post, inner, stiffener and the wheelarch edge but in reality alot of it will need to be manufactured by your good self, i wouldnt worry given the quality of the rest of your work its a walk...
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    for the love of cars

    i didnt enjoy the stag one as much as the others, nice end product but i think my judgement was somewhat clouded by the claims they had "solved the stags reliability problems and the evidence of this was a few temperature readings from a newly built engine on a dyno test where it broke down...
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    Dpost seal channel

    I cant take the credit for the idea, i think it came from the sleep pixies that live in rovering members head :mrgreen: ive just completed the second piece as well, easy as!