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    Obstructing dropped kerbs

    I'm being fined for slightly obstructing my mother's neighbour's dropped kerb on Monday .I knew I was slightly over the edge but there was ample room for him to get his 13 reg Jaguar in as he did indeed get onto his drive while I was still parked there ... Seems he went indoors and phoned the...
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    Fuel return system

    Can't recall ever seeing much comment on this and if it goes wrong .If the return flow to the tank was too high it could cause fuel starvation , too low and it could cause the carbs to flood . Also , if working , would it allow vapourised fuel to vent off and return to the tank ? What's in the...
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    SD1 Police car

    This AM on the A3 near Wimbledon I had an A reg SD1 Police car behind me at the lights .Didn't appear to have it's lights and signs covered up and travelling very slowly so we left it behind Bit of a strange feeling as when these were current , there were times I would not have been happy to...
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    Keinzle clock

    Has anyone done an article on how to overhaul these? I'm tempted to unscrew the nuts on the back to get at the contacts but I fear all the gearwheels and springs will go "boing"
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    Parking fines

    If as I understand parking penalties for parking on private property are not enforceable , how can it be legal for parking companies to try to collect such fines ? Isn't it obtaining money under false pretences?
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    German car industry

    Anyone watch a programme about the decline in the British car industry and the boom in the German one last night? BBC 4 I think Typical pro German bias but very sad that the industry died basically because of incompetent management Ford told Austin Morris they were losing £30 on every Mini they...
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    Practical Classics

    Has anyone spotted that Danny Hopkins put new followers in his P6 and kept the old cam ? This magazine is fast becoming a comic
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    C02 cylinder

    There have been 2 pub CO2 gas cylinders on the ground at my local recycling centre for the last few days.About 3' long and 5" dia . I've "rescued" one. It's empty but is it any use to have refilled with welding gas for my MIG ?
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    My clock was losing time so I took it out and sprayed the works with brake cleaner and then it didn't work at all. A spraying with WD40 and it's now working on the bench coupled to a booster pack so I can see if it needs regulating .Has anyone got any ideas about more suitable lubrication?
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    Panel light dimmer

    How does the above work on a 3500S ? There's a variable resistor plugged into the PCB but 2 wires go from the resistor to what I assume is a shunt? If I want to bypass this and have full brightness all the time do i just bridge the 2 pins on the PCB?
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    CAR SOS- Triumpg Stag

    What did we think ? They bolted the torque convertor to the engine and then fitted the gearbox which is surely wrong . Was the "Clive" who rebuilt the autobox the same person who is not as good at autoboxes as he thinks?
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    Wi-fi connections

    Just been on the phone for over an hour to Talk Talk's help centre trying to find out why my brother's lap top won't connect wirelessly to my mother's Talk Talk router . It works if you use an ethernet cable . Chap tells me we have a Wi-Fi connection but it still doesn't work This laptop is...
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    Modern automatics

    What do people think of these auto gearboxes on modern cars which are basically a manual box with an electronically operated clutch ? I can see why it's more efficient with less power loss but what about long term reliability ? I'm thinking of VW with DSG , Citroen with ESG, Volvo with...
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    Borg Warner DG

    A question for Harvey- in this month's Practical Classics there's an article on rebuilding a BW DG box and it seems to have a clutch in the torque convertor .Did this provide a lock-up drive without torque convertor slip ?If so , surely quite advanced for it's time
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    Isn't that going to cost more than it's worth to restore at commercial rates ?
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    Cleaning solar film

    I kno we have some car detailers amongst us .What do they use for cleaning car windows with solar tint film ? I had an aerosol can of "Film Guard" but that ran out and people are saying just use a damp cloth . My dog is making wet nose marks on the rear windows of my estate car!
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    Rover 213S - is it a classic ... 2ec00bcf2f We were debating if a 213S was a classic . "The Doctor" the dealer who writes superb adverts has one with 14 miles on the clock and naturally he thinks so
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    Practical Classics Subscription

    Having been a suscriber for years , they now tell me they want to put up the charge to the same as for new subscriptions . So why shouldn't I subscribe for a year at a time and get the free gift each year ? Where is the sense for the company in doing this - it will cost them more in the long run...
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    Light bulbs

    Why is it sometimes when a domestic light bulb blows that the circuit breaker or fuse blows ? How can a 60 watt light bulb blowing pass over 6 amps ?
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    Drying my dog's balls....

    My rescue labrador loves catching chasing and carrying around tennis balls .Unfortunately the balls get covered in slobber , mud and grass . I always wash her balls when we get home but the question is can I pop them in the microwave to dry them off and hopefully kill any germs I think tennis...
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    Cheap oil at Asda

    I litre of Carplan Triple R 5W/30 semi synth for £3 ! Plus other oils and car cleaning products at cheap prices I know it's no good for a P6 but give your daily driver a treat Also Amazon is quite cheap for oil - I wanted some fully synthetic for my Citroen
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    Sky dishes

    Why did we ever need sky dishes ?If we can get Freeview and Freeview HD using the old aerial for UHF transmissions , were we conned into having dishes put up ?
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    P6 V8 for £9995

    I've written about this before but there's a showroom in Raynes Park London SW20 with a 1973 V8 auto 30K miles .They've had it YEARS - it was once £4995 and has gone up £1K a year and today it's £9995 ! Same place has a G Reg Mini with low/no miles , now £14995 and a 20K mile Merc CLK .All 3...
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    Screenwash additive

    Sainsburys additive is only safe down to -5degrees C and that's undiluted-what are we going to do if we have a cold winter ? It doesn't smell the same so i'm guessing methanol has been outlawed
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    2 strokes

    I'm having a real struggle getting a Ryobi 2 stroke strimmer to run properly What should the gap be between the flywheel and magneto pickups ? Is it crucial ? I used a bit of cardboard to set the gap at 20thou but should it be smaller ? Need to have a bit of clearance as it revs to 12000