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  1. BrianMac123

    Oops I did it again. I've entered the Rover in an Autotest.

    I looked up V8 Tune and bumped into this - Haven't seen them mentioned before. Yeah good luck, hope the weather holds out for you, -5 here and snow on the way!
  2. BrianMac123

    How do I get to the clutch master cylinder lower fixing nut ?

    I found that a Bahco mini-socket set does the trick. Bit fiddly but it works. Insert from the right, and lean in from the front of the car. Take your dipstick out.
  3. BrianMac123

    AFR Gauge on a Rover ?

    Steve knows his stuff. Skip to about 12 minutes for the installation!
  4. BrianMac123

    Scarab the Rover..

    I was looking at oils, gearbox drain imminent. So would Syntrans be Ok for a 4 cylinder too? Castrol GTX SAE 20 says the Book.
  5. BrianMac123

    2200TC Project

    Next! I've had a niggling little drip at the front of thermostat housing. "Oh I'll get to that, it only took me 5 minutes the last time."... Famous last words. Four hours to remove said obstinate housing, gently tapping and prising. Here's why. Looks like the original gasket, maybe the stat was...
  6. BrianMac123

    2200TC Project

    Thanks for the info Harvey, I have since replaced the seat bush and the selector rod bush. Interesting to note, see the groove on the ball? Obviously the bush was replaced, but the previous one had failed and the pin was cutting into it. I'm hoping I don't have to partially remove the engine to...
  7. BrianMac123

    2200TC Project

    Hence my confusion... "There were a variety of different gear levers available during the production life of the car - short, medium and long gear levers for Series 1, Series 2 and post-1973 cars respectively (give or take). All are interchangeable, although the material of the ‘acorn’ at the...
  8. BrianMac123

    2200TC Project

    Been a while, finally managed to get the shaft eye bush and spherical seat bush done. I haven't taken it out, but gear selection feels better, but it's still a bit rattly. According to the p6 Club article, I have an early gear-stick with the metal acorn, "Early cars had a metal acorn that...
  9. BrianMac123

    Beryl doing her thing.

    Amazing Steve. Yes that pic with the Alfa/Lancia is an Advertising Exec's dream.
  10. BrianMac123

    New camshaft/lifters going in.

    Couldn't you use a Strobe with an RPM counter? There's an App, if you have a very modern phone. Strobe RPM Tacho Lite
  11. BrianMac123

    "Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

    Was that black rotor arm arcing on the inside Phil? This guy is amazing, not Rover. D3Sshooter But he has a V8 MGB.
  12. BrianMac123

    Selector shaft

    Paul Gear selection mechanisms Rover P6 Manual Gearbox
  13. BrianMac123

    Selector shaft

    Try this one, might help. Unable to select gears
  14. BrianMac123

    Selector shaft

    WorkShop Manual. I got mine from the Club - sort of!! I think posting the page might be an infringement.
  15. BrianMac123

    Selector shaft

    Section D, Page 6D of the workshop manual, has an exploded view. Oh yes those ones. There is a post here detailing that job. Sorry you will have to search, can't remember which one.
  16. BrianMac123

    Selector shaft

    Hello Paul, I'm doing the same thing at the moment. Stick your phone torch into the hole and have a look. I'm no expert but I think it's model dependent. If there is a bush there, mine had disappeared completely. Rubbery dirt/dust in that area might be a clue. I have been told that the bush for...
  17. BrianMac123

    running rough

    Keep us up to speed Steve, I'll be getting into that soon. I was hoping for some guidance from a retired gentleman, but he never showed. And good info from John also, thanks.
  18. BrianMac123

    Unable to select gears

    That's brilliant Vern, when I was cleaning around it looked like something had completely disintegrated. I guessing that's what it was! Would this be the right p/n 90622363 ?
  19. BrianMac123

    Unable to select gears

    Sorry to revive this old thread, but this is exactly where I am now. '77 TC. I removed the gear lever. The Nylon spherical seat bush appears to be Ok. Putting a strong light into the hole I can see a grooved rod, which the "acorn" slots into presumably. Should there be a bush here? 90622363...
  20. BrianMac123

    Dodgy gearstick.

    The seat bush appears to be ok, still very pliable. I think it was replaced in the not too distant past. There's a nice groove from when the last one failed I think. Only visible when I took the bush off. I put my fingers down the hole and could wiggle the rod inside. Is the problem deeper? Not...
  21. BrianMac123

    Dodgy gearstick.

    Ok, not as daunting as it seems. Dumpy Phillips screwdriver(preferably magnetic), 13mm mini socket. Sitting in passenger seat. Out in 10 minutes. Just be careful not to break you speaker grille, little screws in there also. Now my Plastic Seat Bush appears to be Ok, I'll post a pic later, it's...
  22. BrianMac123

    How many quarts on initial fill after service?

    Book. 12 Pints when DRY. For a drain 6 pints, as the Torque Converter can't be fully drained. Me. It will overflow if you put too much in, if memory serves correct. And you will have no, or poor drive, if there isn't enough in it. Start with 1 pint maybe. If you are dropping the Pan, try up to...
  23. BrianMac123

    Valve timing fine adjustment

    Great stuff Michael. I have enlisted some help from a retired Rover mechanic. I think he's popping around this week, hopefully!! I was going to quiz him on this very subject, your diagrams are excellent, I'm sure they will come in handy. Did I drop the tensioner on VLU 936M? I remember it was...
  24. BrianMac123

    2200TC Project

    Inlet Manifold and Carburetors back on, it's running but it's nowhere near perfect. Some fiddling needed to get the Throttle return to play nice. It's sticking and over revving. Also a blown exhaust, but worst of all, I can't select any gear while the engine is running. Which I hope someone here...