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  1. taffyjenks

    Dodgy gearstick.

    Hi.Looking to you helpful people for some advice.I was out in my Rover 2000 today and the gearstick seems to have come away.Won’t let me select any gears and is just flopping about.Have been recovered home but now need to get it sorted.Any advice appreciated. kind regards Tony Jenkins.
  2. taffyjenks

    Rover P6 running issues.

    Does anyone know a reliable garage in North West England that can sort the running problems on my Rover P6 2000tc?I have electronic ignition with a new distributor,coil,leads and plugs but still have the same issue.Starts fine after a number of turns but when I take it out on the road it...
  3. taffyjenks

    Assistance required with Rover 2000tc.

    Hi everyone.It has been a while since I posted on here.I have a 1968 2000 Tc and I am still having some running issues despite replacing just about everything.The car starts fine and will run but when I take it out for a decent run I can be cruising at 50 mph and all of a sudden it will start...
  4. taffyjenks

    Water ingress.

    Hi folks.I have slight water ingress into my boot in the left corner.It trickles down the left wheel arch under the petrol filler. I thought it was the rear decker seal which isn’t the best but I cannot work out why the water could get in the boot when it has channels at the sides to run away.Is...
  5. taffyjenks

    Power spark distributor with electroninic ignition

    Posted previously in the wrong forum. 11 minutes ago #1 Hi everyone.I have purchased one of these distributors to attempt to sort out a backfire which has been diagnosed as a faulty distributor on my Series one 2000tc.Does anyone have one of these fitted to their car?.Are they easy to fit as I...
  6. taffyjenks

    HS 8 SU Carbs refurb.

    Hi I am looking for some help and advice.I have a1968 Rover 2000 tc which has twin HS 8 carburettors.Due to running problems I recently got someone out to have a look at them and the diagnosis was that the front carburettor would not adjust at all.He balanced them as well as he could and the car...
  7. taffyjenks

    Overfuelling problem.

    Hi everyone.I have got a 1968 Rover 2000tc which is running rough and has a bad overfuelling problem in one of the carbs which I believe are HS 8.A fellow p6 er Bill Matthews kindly offered his assistance in the matter and having taken the pots off quickly identified the problem as an imbalance...
  8. taffyjenks

    Exhaust front pipe wanted

    Hi does anyone have for sale an exhaust front pipe for a series one 2000tc.The one that joins the manifold to the first silencer. Thanks Tony.
  9. taffyjenks

    Front brake hose replacement. 2000

    Hi folks.I recently had a problem with my front brakes where one calliper was operating slightly before the other.I took it into a local garage which diagnosed the fault as a sticking calliper and suggested I had it repaired with a kit which I did.When I picked the vehicle up the brakes were no...
  10. taffyjenks

    Ignition coil type.

    Hi folks.Can anyone tell me what type of ignition coil is fitted to a 1968 Rover 2000tc with points and condenser? A part number would be very helpful.Is it ballast or non ballast? Regards Tony.
  11. taffyjenks

    Advice required.

    Hi, I have a 1968 series one 2000tc and the exhaust manifold is blowing in as couple of places.In order to repair it it has to be removed and I need some advice on what gaskets,studs etc I will need to to get before it goes back on.Can anyone help please? Regards Tony Jenkins.
  12. taffyjenks

    Advice required.

    I am thinking about purchasing a series two P6 which is currently offered on P6 facebook page.The car is in Doncaster and has registered number BVM 52K.It would be to replace my series one which has serious tinworm. I contacted the owner and he stated that three people who seemed very...
  13. taffyjenks

    Engine Fitment.

    Hi.I have a Series one 2000tc which unfortunately needs a lot of welding.I have the offer of an early solid series two in which the engine has gone.Would I experience any difficulties in using my car as a donor vehicle?Are there any major difficulties I would find?All help I can get appreciated...
  14. taffyjenks

    Starter problems

    Hi went for a nice run today in Gertrude my 2000tc to stay in my caravan for the weekend.Arrived at the van without missing a beat and I was so pleased I text my wife (who hates the car) to let her know. That was the worst thing I could have done because I later went out for some essentials...
  15. taffyjenks

    wing required

    Hi folks.Looking for a decent front nearside wing for Rover p6 Series one. Regards Tony
  16. taffyjenks

    p6 boot prop last bit of the jigsaw.

    Hallo peeps.Thanks to rover100rich I now have most of the boot prop kit and the piece I am missing is the bracket that pop rivets to the inside of the boot lid.Does anyone have such a thing knocking around? Regards Tony
  17. taffyjenks

    BootProp kit

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has a boot prop kit for my Series 1.I have a boot mounted rear but nothing to hold it up. Cheers Tony Jenkins.
  18. taffyjenks

    p6 boot prop kit

    Hi everyone.I am looking for a complete boot prop kit for my P6.I have a boot mounted spare wheel and nothing to hold the boot lid open and it is heavy.Does anyone have one please? regards Tony Jenkins.
  19. taffyjenks

    sump nut removal

    Hi folks. Just coming around to oil changing time and I have discovered that both sump plug nuts have been rounded off.Does anyone have any tips as regards their removal/replacement.I think the size is 13/16 so the metric sockets I borrowed from a local garage were no good.They seem to be very...
  20. taffyjenks

    Fitting upper timing chain tensioner

    Hi. Having checked to see why my timing chain was slapping against the head I discovered that somehow the pad has become detached from the end of the tensioner and God knows where it has gone.So tomorrows job is to fit a new tensioner.Can anyone give me any tips on the best way to fit it as I am...
  21. taffyjenks

    what oil?

    Can anyone comment on what type of oil they use in their P6 2000 cars.So many differing opinions on the internet.Also can anyone tell me the name of the pipe that has two brass rings on which carries oil to the top of the engine? One end fastens to the casing where the plug to check the chain...
  22. taffyjenks

    rear exhaust silencer and tailpipe wanted.

    Hi I am looking for a rear exhaust silencer and tailpipe for a 1968 2000 TC.It has the round silencer box on it.Appreciate any help I can get otherwise its bite the bullet and get a stainless steel one. Thanks Tony Jenkins.
  23. taffyjenks

    Vibration at 40mph

    HI Folks.At present I am experiencing a strange vibration through the car when I reach 40mph.It seems to go away when you go a bit faster.It is hard to explain but it is not like the shudder you experience when your wheels are out of balance.Any ideas please. Tony
  24. taffyjenks

    Fitting Securon front seat belts.

    Hi just bought a pair of securon 500/30 seat belts to replace the static ones on my series one and had a go at fitting them but I am having problems as I cannot seem to get the right clearance between the seat and the post.The brackets provided dont seem to make any difference.Im sure its me...
  25. taffyjenks

    Boot Lid Stay.

    I have a series 1 P6 2000tc with a boot mounted spare.Obviously this makes the lid very heavy and it wont stay open.When I attended a show earlier in the year I saw that the series two were fitted with a boot stay for just such a purchase.Were these not fited on the series one as I cannot find...