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  1. quattro

    In my defense...

    This isn't a Rover, so this isn't going to be a rebuild thread, but I have always fancied a Vauxhall FD VX/490 or Ventora, with that coke bottle styling. I also, rather fancied Dean Winchester's Impala, but would never get one as they're so enormous. So when this turned up on ebay, :hmm: In my...
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    Hot wheels group 2 P6

    UNBOXING Hot Wheels 2022 Boulevard - Mix N - YouTube :)
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    2000TC Driffield area

    Saw this for sale on Sunday. It looks tidy but I haven't looked underneath it. It's not mine, so don't PM me about it :)
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    Tracking and wheel alignment

    Thread moved from 4 cylinder engine - John Barker hi help wanted with tracking and wheel alignment had two people from local garage look at it but unable to do it does anyone know anyone near romford area or any tips how to takle this myself any diagrams or pictures would be a great help...
  5. quattro

    Timing belt nonsense

    Not a Rover thing, but I just had a stand up argument (paid for the full 30 minutes) with a muckanik who I've had a problem with. He rebuilt my van engine (Peugeot Boxer Diesel) and it lasted 80 miles before slowly coming to a halt on the M18. After six months of him looking at it on his ramp...
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    Spares car

    I've bought a new car :) Ok, it's an old car, and my idea was, that if it wasn't too badly damaged, I would put it back on the road. After a good look round this morning, it really isn't fixable. Puncture repair kit? Speedo doesn't work Bad news, the car got so hot, the rear light...
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    Just saw this

    I laughed more than I should have :)
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    Fuse blowing

    I bought one of these DAB radio adapters the other day and have also installed a dash cam. Both of these and the sat nav have plugs which go into the cigar lighter (it's a Rover, they're called cigar lighters :) ) I also got a three way 12v adapter which didn't work. So to make life easier I...
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    3M EC776 thread lubricant - Rover part number 605764.

    I have some 3M EC776 thread lubricant - Rover part number 605764 left over from my engine rebuild. The only place I could find some was from Silmid who charged me £68.56 for a 1L tin. As I used nearly a whole teaspoon full, I do have a lot of it left. As I own an adhesive company I can't just...
  11. quattro

    Early 2000 Rotherham

    In the week I saw a very early off white (pale yellow) 2000 down near jnc 34 of the M1, heading into Rotherham on magna road. Chap driving it looked very happy driving it. Not seen it before.
  12. quattro

    The Beast is alive

    I found this today. I am sure it's 'The Beast' as once owned by a nice chap called Trevor from the Yorkshire Owners Club. I haven't seen it for a long while but it's still about. Not sure about the stickers but each to his own, and yes there is a 4.5L V8 in there :)
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    Engine parts

    I haven't bought any parts for an engine for quite a while, so where do people go to get them? I have found rings from £50 to over £500 per set (for 8 pistons). Big end shells from £16 to £164 per set. I don't worry about having the words 'Land' and 'Rover' written on the box, but I do want...
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    Washer motor

    A while ago my washer motor stopped working, so after taking it to bits, failing to get it to work and looking for a new one, all to no avail, I bought one of these This sits under the washer bottle and the original one stays where it was, so it all looks standard. This pump lasted for a...
  15. quattro

    Accelerator shaft 566141

    Anyone have a throttle shaft for a manual P6B, they would exchange for beer tokens :) Number 20 in the pic below - Cheers, Richard
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    Opposed tank engine

    I'm not opposed to tank engines, in fact I've been for a drive in one today yes, that is me driving it. Thing is, in the museum bit, they had this: - Twin crank, one at the top and pistons meeting (well not quite) in the middle. Heard of them, but never actually seen one before
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    P4 and P5

    Nice to go for a little burble about and come up behind a very nice P4 on the Old Wortley Road in Rotherham, then on the way back, again in Rotherham, a P5 coming towards me. There was lots of waving :) Shame I had lost my dash cam, but nice to see them. When at Hawleys, the tyre and exhaust...
  18. quattro

    New toy

    After a long while of thinking my welding skill was not very good, and thinking it was possibly made worse by having useless welding equipment, I have bought myself this - Bit of an outlay, but me and my son want to build a soap box racer, and my welder just isn't up to it. We built a small...
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    Well, you don't see that every day

  20. quattro

    Dash screws - tip

    I have been removing and refitting the tacho a lot today, as it jumps about a bit and I have been playing with a multi meter. The three screws that hold it in are a real pain to get started when you have tiny dainty fingers like mine aren't :mad: So, I remembered from a long long time ago, I...
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    Door handles

    Vintage Rover P6 2200 SC TC 3500 V8 Full Set of 4 Chrome Door Handles | eBay Please correct me if I'm wrong, but is there something wrong with this set of handles? There's nothing off hand, if you get my meaning :rolleyes: Richard
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    All of my pictures have gone and I can't post them unless I pay them $399 a year? Anyon else seen this? Richard
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    Not enough cooling

    Popped down to Renishaw yesterday as they have a car show from 3.00 pm onwards in the afternoon. Very informal, just turn up and chat about cars 'til late at night :cool: Problem is, it is now very popular and a trillion people turned up, so poor old Sparky had to sit in a traffic jam for 50...
  24. quattro

    Richard Taylor Rally

    Popped along the The Richard Taylor Rally yesterday, and spent all day talking about Rovers :) Loads of people turned up Sparky showed off well as usual :) I almost took this home :rolleyes: Brace of SD1s Other makes arrived as well, Citroen 2CV mega motor :cool: ermmm...
  25. quattro

    Google catches Sparky

    Had a look at the factory from Google space today, and noticed Sparky sitting outside :)