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    Pendelican White - an idle thought.

    Just an idle query about this paint colour - does anyone know where the name, used in the 76-ish production era, comes from? It appears to be the only paint name in Rudiger's listing that is 'invented'. A Google search produces only Rover references, other than as a family name when shorn of...
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    Rover to the rescue

    First frost of the month this morning and the Mitsubishi wasn't going anywhere -battery flat as the proverbial! So - jump on pushbike, cut across town to garage where Jumbo (1967 2000TC) was sleeping, fairly prolonged cranking but then rumbles into healthy life. Drive back home, jump Mitsu and...
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    V8 ancestor worship anyone?

    Are there any fans of "our" V8 engine looking for a winter project? The engine in its original format in its original (somewhat tatty) body. Would make a striking summer cruiser to attend P6 events! But hurry, the auction is this Saturday. 1964 Buick Convertible It is actually a 1962 Skylark...
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    1967 2000TC on Car & Classic

    I need to sell my 2000TC so I've just listed it on Car and Classic - see how things go. 1967 Arden Green Rover 2000TC - Just 3 Owners For Sale | Car And Classic John
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    Dash Cam Pointers?

    I know there are many Forum members using Dash Cams and am intending to join their number, so can anyone make recommendations as to particular models? I'm a bit of a technophobe so 'the simpler the better' would have considerable appeal. Thanks John (I did try a search but 'dash' & 'cam' are...
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    Further Laminated/Toughened query . .Monte Carlo Wedgie

    When I was peripherially involved in off-road Motorsports in the 80/90s, laminated windscreens were mandatory (ignoring polycarbonate). However the photo of Ranald White's ever-improving Monte Carlo Rallye P6 on page 13 of the Spring issue of Driving Force clearly shows the stress patterning...
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    Autocross P6 ??

    Back in the day, about 30 years ago, I was a circuit marshal - mainly on Autocross and Rallycross events in the South and East of England. I was principally interested in/involved with Escorts and Minis but I can recall a P6 leaping around like a mad thing. The front wings, both outer and...
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    Something for the weekend, sir?

    ON BEHALF OF THE ADMINISTRATOR – OFFERS INVITED: For Sale by Auction (1977) on Car And Classic UK [C831026] Not a P6 but a Rover anyway . . . .
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    Is this car familiar to you? No 2

    Rover P6 3500 V8 Automatic 1973 Series 2 with Power Steering | eBay Looks quite tasty, with Series 1 front
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    Rather you than me, sir

    Spitfire V8 3528cc + LT77 5-spd For Sale (1972) on Car And Classic UK [C820433] There's some lovely work there, but I'm not sure . . . .:eek:
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    Thumbs up to DVLA! Cherished number retention.

    I've been running my '67 TC with a cherished number RTA 666, but I have to sell the car. (Arthritis in ankle means I have to drive auto now) I duly logged on to the DVLA website to discover what I needed to do to retain the plate. Wow! 10 minutes later I had completed the process and all I need...
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    Hours and hours of potential fun !!!

    2x ROVER 2000 P6 SC Realistically priced I think . . .
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    Entertaining website - anyone use the product?

    I only looked at this because the name caught my eye but its amusing enough that I rather...
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    City grey 67, with sunroof

    For Sale (1967) on Car And Classic UK [C753339] This looks rather nice, does the Forum know it? Reasonable asking price for a trade sale if it is anywhere near as good as it seems. John
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    gator grip ?

    Has anyone on the Forum any experience of the Gator Grip socket marketed by various tool suppliers? I have considerable doubts about it - it looks like a good way of finally rounding off the remains of a butchered bolt head, but you never know . . . Someone on here must have been tempted. John
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    P6 Club Subs the Easy Way!

    I picked up my new issue of Driving Force and out slid the Membership Subs reminder sheet from Brian Humphreys. I set it to one side for later attention -as you do - and continued reading. Lo and behold, on the Editors page is a mention of paying on-line by direct debit so, ever one for the easy...
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    Nenette Brush - any users here?

    I came across an advert for a Nenette brush/mop, an item I hadn't seen Dad had one back in the 50s. I can't ask him as he's long gone (not suprising, Victoria was on the throne when he was born), but do any Forumites use a Nenette and find it satisfactory?
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    No real connection to P6s but I wanted to give the NHS a thumbs-up. Last Tuesday I saw my GP because I had chronic insomnia and asked him to prescribe to sleeping tablets. He asked me a few questions, one of which reminded me that if I did manage to doze off, I would wake up breathless. Is that...
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    How much would you pay? For a highly polished, beautifully presented, optimistically 'engineered', cut'n'shut? John
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    Hazard Lights on '67 TC?

    My early 2000TC does not have Hazard Lights - but I wish it did! I've tried to find info in this section of the forum on retro-fitting them, preferably incorporating them into the existing set-up, but without success. I'm sure someone has done it - can anyone point me to a relevant post, or...
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    Buick Special - and rather nice ... 35e022270c More or less a generic US mid-size saloon of the 60s but powered by an engine with a long potential ahead of it. Mid-size maybe, but it'd make a P6B look very compact - anyone envy all that boot (sorry, trunk) space?
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    MOT day, smiley time!

    Jumbo (first owner's pet name!) the 67 TC went gliding through its MOT this morning with no advisories. :D :lol: :lol: John
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    Grey P6 in Writtle

    Just a distant glimpse of a grey P6 at Lodge Rd/Paradise Rd, Writtle about 5.15 this afternoon. Anyone on here? John
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    10 inch steering wheel? ... 3f354e1dc7 Forearms like Popeye ?
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    Another 1966 2000TC, MOT'd ... 1e874b45a5 This one looks well worth a look as one of the very earliest home market TCs. Does anyone recognise it? Registered less than a month after the '66 Motor Show where UK TCs first became available! Mot'd so you could drive it home (renew your...